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Adopt a Pet in Brunswick County
Thinking of bringing a pet in your home? For those of you who may not know, caring for a furry friend has both emotional and physical benefits--it's a fact.  Studies show adopting a pet amps up your physical health by boosting your fitness level, improving your heart health, and reducing stress.  Emotionally and socially, pets can dampen depression and improve your mood as well as serve as an ice breaker in social situations.

Brunswick County homes are often the perfect place for an adopted pet. Animal rescues and shelters are full of pets just waiting for you to give them a second chance to be part of the family.

If you've been thinking about a pet, adopting really is a great option for most people. The adoption fee is less expensive than buying from a pet store or breeder and includes vaccines, spay or neutering, and sometimes even micro-chipping. As an added bonus, many of these pets are already housebroken which makes the transition to your home easier. The volunteers at animal shelters really care about their residents, and these organizations make every effort to match pets and people with compatible personalities. Our REALTORS® know the ins and outs of living in Brunswick County. Here are five places in our local area where you might find the newest member of your family.

  1. Furever Friends Animal Rescue, 511 Olde Waterford Way, Suite 105 & 106, Leland. Furever Friends is a medical based shelter that provides medical and surgical care to animals in need. After rehabilitation, animals are placed for adoption.

  2. Southport-Oak Island Animal Rescue (SOAR), 3376 St. Charles Place, Southport. Southport-Oak Island Animal Rescue has both dogs and cats just waiting for Southport homes. The animals have plenty of room to run and play here and would love to do the same with you!

  3. Brunswick County Animal Services, 429 Green Swamp Road, Supply. Brunswick County Animal Services has dogs and cats for adoption but if you have another animal in mind, take a look here. You may find the perfect guinea pig for your family. 

  4. Paws Place Dog Rescue, 242 George II Highway, Winnabow. Paws Place serves the Southport area. They are an all breeds dog rescue and dogs here are microchipped prior to placement in Oak Island homes.

  5. Cat Tails, 622 Beach Drive, Ocean Isle. As you might have guessed from the name, Cat Tails only has cats and kittens at their facility and they are ready for adoption into loving Ocean Isle homes.

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Having a pet can really be a wonderful experience and providing a home for an animal in need is just a good thing to do. Our REALTORS® can help you find a new home to fit your lifestyle with amenities every member of your family will love. Contact Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc. today to get started.