Email Post to a Friend: 5 Things to Know About Buying Oceanfront Homes

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Buying Oceanfront Homes
If you have always dreamed of living on the beach and are finally ready to find your dream oceanfront property—you've come to the right place. Brunswick County offers a variety of homes that overlook the Carolina coastal waters.  

As dreamy as coastal living sounds, beachfront properties have the potential for a variety of unique problems. Our REALTORS® have years of experience with oceanfront property and are here to help you find the beach home of your dreams. 

Whether you're shopping for a vacation home or plan on living full-time in your beach home, here are five things you should know about buying oceanfront property. 

  1. Location, Location, Location
    So you think you've found the perfect oceanfront property where you can spend your evenings out on the balcony with a good bottle of wine as you take in the gorgeous sunset. Unfortunately, just as you've poured your first glass, you realize that your new home doesn't face west.

    While your new home may be in the right neighborhood, on the right beach, or within walking distance to amenities, you'll want to consider the details. When you're buying oceanfront property, you'll need to know important facts about weather patterns and potential storm damages. 

  2. Money Matters
    When it comes to buying oceanfront properties, it's easy to get swept away with daydreams of beach living in North Carolina. However, living by the ocean means budgeting for more than just a mortgage. You'll need to account for the constant exposure to the elements and added costs of specialized maintenance, renovations, and repairs.
  3. The Bigger Picture
    Before buying your oceanfront home, you'll want to consider the bigger picture carefully. Of course, the house is stunning and the views breathtaking—but what about the amenities, neighborhood and adjoining properties.

    It's important to know who your neighbors are and what kind of community you will be living in. Is the neighborhood comprised of full-time residents or will it be filled with vacation renters and spring breakers in during peak season? You'll also want to consider other amenities like the ease of access to the beach, swimming potential, privacy, and more. 

  4. Short-Changing Coverage 
    One of the biggest mistakes home buyers make when buying oceanfront property is coming up short on insurance coverage. It's important to note that most homeowners insurance policies doesn't necessarily cover damages from rental activity. If you're considering part-time rental of your beachfront home, be sure to talk with your agent to make sure your policy will cover any loss you might experience.

    You may also want to consider added supplemental coverage. This coverage may include flood, windstorm, and hurricane policies. While this may strain the budget, in the unfortunate event that something happens, you'll consider it money well-spent. 

  5. Agents with Expertise
    Some real estate agents won't have an in-depth understanding of oceanfront properties that other agents will have. Find a real estate agent with experience in buying and sell homes on the ocean. Their knowledge will give you the best opportunity to find the perfect beach home for you and your family.

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