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Buying a House - Walkability
Deciding to buy a home is a huge step, and along with that choice comes the decision of where you want to live. Picking a geographic location is one thing, but deciding on the type of neighborhood you want to call home is equally important. While some home buyers prefer to live in the suburbs or even a rural area where commuting is the norm, the walkability of a neighborhood is becoming a more important factor to many. Our REALTORS® can help you pinpoint Brunswick County communities that are more walkable and show you area neighborhoods that fit your lifestyle.

Why Walkability Matters? 

While a walkable neighborhood isn't ideal for everyone, a community that promotes getting out on foot certainly offers plenty of benefits. Perhaps one of the most apparent advantages of walking versus driving is the boost it provides for your health. Walking provides exercise that helps keep the extra pounds off, promotes good circulation, keeps muscles toned, and provides a fresh intake of air for your respiratory system.

If you can walk to local parks, businesses and events versus using a vehicle, you're also helping the environment by reducing the use of fuel and emission of carbon dioxide.

Want to give your budget a boost? Living in a walkable neighborhood lessens the need for a vehicle and its related expenses such as auto insurance, maintenance, and fuel. You might even find yourself making more new friends and becoming more involved in community events if you choose a home in a walkable neighborhood.

Scouting for Walkability

If you've decided on a more active lifestyle and want to find a home in a walkable neighborhood, you may be wondering just what elements you should consider. Our REALTORS® are area experts whose primary goal is to assist you in finding your perfect home. Several factors make a neighborhood more walkable than others, and here are a few things you'll want to consider during your house hunt.

  • Public spaces: Parks and other public spaces for gathering, exercising and events are present in most all walkable communities.
  • A Center or hub: This could be a main street, public space or city square where people tend to gather and almost always activity.
  • Businesses, workplaces, and schools: Many residents want to be able to walk to work, and have schools, restaurants, and retail stores close by as well.
  • Streets for all: Look for a neighborhood with streets designed for foot and bicycle traffic as well as motor vehicles.

Choosing a walkable neighborhood can be a great choice for your lifestyle and your future. We'd love to discuss your real estate dreams and partner with you to find that special house. Contact our team at Margaret Rudd & Associates for more information about our local communities and homes for sale throughout Brunswick County.