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Brunswick County Open House
Holding an open house is a great way to make sure a variety of potential buyers see your home. However, as our REALTORS® will point out, for this to be a useful marketing tool, your home must be in great shape for showing. So what do you need to know to make sure your home is well-prepared to wow potential buyers? Here are six things to do before an open house to sell your Brunswick County Home.

  1. Clean, then clean some more
    Cleanliness is essential to a successful open house. Nothing turns off potential buyers faster than seeing soap scum in the bathroom, dirty kitchens or cobwebs in every out-of-the-way space. Your home will need floor-to-ceiling cleaning to make a great impression – and don't forget small details like polishing appliances, washing windows, dusting windowsills and cleaning blinds. Have your carpets and curtains cleaned, put clean, fresh bedding on all beds, use slipcovers and throws to camouflage stained or damaged furniture. You want everything spotless and sanitary, from gleaming floors to shiny, dust-free ceiling fans and lighting fixtures.

  2. Thin out and open up
    Too much clutter can make your home feel crowded and cramped. Overflowing cabinets and closets can give the impression of a house with too little storage space--and potential buyers WILL look. Both of these impressions will work against your efforts to market and sell your home. Pack up things you aren't using every day, such as clothes that are out of season, kitchen items that see only occasional use, and extra towels and linens, for example, to create a less cluttered and more spacious feel. Remove at least one piece of furniture from each room to open up space and allow potential buyers a better view of home features.

  3. Freshen up
    A new coat of paint on interior walls and trim can go a long way toward making your home look fresh and bright. Small updates, like new lighting fixtures or updated hardware on kitchen cabinets, can also do wonders for freshening up the look of your home. It is also essential to eliminate cooking odors, pet odors, or any other unpleasant smells are eliminated before you open it up to potential buyers.

  4. Neutralize and de-personalize
    Potential buyers want to see a house that is ready to be made their own, rather than one that is your home. Appealing to a variety of home shoppers with different tastes means keeping the spaces in your home as neutral as possible. Pack away personal items and decorations. Take family photos off the walls. Give very bright or very dark walls a new coat of paint in a neutral color, like beige, pale blue or muted green, for example.

  5. Make your home's exterior shine
    Your home's exterior and grounds will be the first areas that potential buyers see when they attend your open house. Power-wash dingy siding, touch up peeling paint, clean porches, sweep stairs and walkways, and tend to your lawns and landscaping. A clean, well-maintained exterior is essential to a good impression.

  6. Light things up
    Your home should look bright and welcoming inside and out. Use walkway lights, porch lights, and lanterns to light up the outdoors. Turn on all the lights inside and open curtains for a bright, cheery environment, and add lighting to dark, shadowy areas.

For more tips on getting your Brunswick County home ready for an open house, contact us. We're always happy to put our experience and expertise to work for the benefit of area home sellers.