Email Post to a Friend: 7 Bakeries in Brunswick County to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

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Brunswick County Bakeries-Margaret Rudd & Associates

Every neighborhood has its hidden (and sometimes not-so-hidden) gems that make the area a great place to live. Here are seven delicious bakeries in Brunswick County that will tempt, delight, and tantalize your taste buds. 

  1. SeaSide Wine & Gourmet — 6600 Beach Drive SW, Ocean Isle Beach
    So there you are, cruising around on the lookout for Ocean Isle Beach homes for sale when you realize you are famished (or perhaps you're parched?). A stop at SeaSide Wine & Gourmet is just the pick-me-up any house hunter needs. 

  2. Burney's Bakery of Southport — 808 N. Howe St., Southport
    On your way to spot Southport homes for sale, stop by Burney's to learn exactly how to pronounce "croissant," and to sample a few (for research purposes only, of course). The cream cheese croissants are highly recommended, but be sure to try the apricot ones, too. 

  3. Nancy Jo's Homemade Bakery — 8600 E. Oak Island Drive, Suite 4, Oak Island
    If you are on the prowl for Oak Island homes for sale, consider finding a property near Nancy Jo's Homemade Bakery. Once you enjoy a coconut cake or banana nut bread, you'll know why this place is a favorite with locals. Once you buy a nice Oak Island home, you, too, can be a local. And a regular at Nancy Jo's. 

  4. The Confectionary — 4346 Long Beach Road SE, Southport
    An Oak Island standout (not least for their amazing wedding cakes), The Confectionary can handle just about any special request you have. At the corner of Long Beach Road and Fish Factory Road.

  5. Big Lake Bakery3148 George II Hwy, Boiling Spring Lakes
    If you're in the market for Boiling Spring Lakes homes for sale, you are within shouting distance of Big Lake Bakery and its key lime pie. Folks cannot live by pie alone, so try some of the delicious breads, too.

  6. Gabriela's Bakery and Patisserie — 4434 Long Beach Road SE, Southport
    To be clear, a bakery need not be a patisserie, and a patisserie can make plenty of tempting sweets without ever baking a loaf of bread. When you enter Gabriela's Bakery and Patisserie, though, you get the best of both worlds. Delicious cakes, tarts, and breakfast pastries plus six different kinds of bread. 

  7. Ahoy Doughnuts — 5821 E. Oak Island Drive, Oak Island
    One cannot buy a doughnut while maintaining a serious or grumpy demeanor. Something about doughnuts brings out the inner, happy kid in all of us. Look for holiday-themed, delicious doughnuts, amazingly decorated doughnuts, and tasty temptations like apple fritters. Buy 'em by the dozen, because, hey, they're Ahoy Doughnuts!

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