Email Post to a Friend: Moving to Holden Beach: 7 Things People Forget to Do

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Moving to Holden Beach - Margaret Rudd & Associates

Whether you are shopping for Holden Beach homes or have already purchased one, you'll soon be moving. Pulling up stakes and moving to a new home and community is exciting, especially if you will be a first-time homeowner. However, moving is also a complicated and stressful process, and it can be quite easy to forget important details along the way. Knowing about the most common mistakes made by others can help you avoid making them yourself, so here are seven things people often forget to do during a move:

  1. Collect Important Documents – This is a task that should be on your to-do list several weeks before moving. It can take some time to get many documents, such as family medical records, prescription lists, immunization records, school records, and other official documents. Other essential papers to collect and keep track of carefully during a move include insurance policies, tax records, financial records, identification documents, wills, and other essential legal documents.

  2. Collect Scattered Belongings – Don't forget to collect items that aren't at home when you start packing up. This may include items sent to the dry-cleaners, belongings sent to repair shops, things left in your locker at the local gym or items borrowed by friends and family.

  3. Update Your Mailing Address – While most of us don't use traditional mail as much as we used to, there are still plenty of important things that arrive via "Snail Mail." Make sure you put in your change of address form with the post office before you make your move.

  4. Update Important Accounts – Remember to give your current utility companies a cutoff date for your old house and arrange to have all essential utilities in place before you move into your new one. Also, make sure you update your address and contact information for other important accounts, such as credit card companies and banks, for instance.

  5. Separate Items That Should Be Left Behind – Don't forget to leave the house keys and garage door openers for your old home's next occupants. Also, moving is the best time to thin out clutter, disposing of things you aren't likely to use in your new home.

  6. Pack "Immediate Needs" Items Separately – There are certain things you'll need to keep close during the chaos of moving. These may include prescription and over-the-counter medications you regularly use, chargers for phones and other frequently-used electronics, shower supplies, and clean clothes. It may also be wise to keep a few basic tools handy, especially if you will need to assemble or re-assemble furniture as you move in. Packing these things in your car, rather than the moving truck, can save you a lot of hassle during your first day at your new home.

  7. Label Everything – Things get busy at moving time, and packing is tedious work. However tempting it may be to cut a few corners to move things along more quickly, packing carefully can save a lot of time and frustration later. Label every box you pack according to the room it came from, and be sure to write "fragile" on boxes that contain items that require careful handling.

For more tips on how to make moving to Holden Beach a smoother, less stressful experience, please feel free to contact Margaret Rudd & Associates, Inc. Our REALTORS® are always happy to help new residents make themselves at home in our area.