Email Post to a Friend: Spring Maintenance to Sell Your Southport Home

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Spring Home Maintenance-Margaret Rudd & Associates

There's something timeless and boundless about watching the ocean and feeling that salty wind in your face. Maybe that's why we're so enamored with living near it, taking in all the sea has to offer.   

But for a North Carolina house, being by the sea can be damaging, with exposure to salt, sand, and wind. Salt is corrosive and ever-present in the air and water. Wind, carrying tiny grains of sand, batters and scours your home's exterior. You should be mindful of the extra attention it may need and make sure your maintenance schedule includes specific tasks.  

If your home is one of the Southport homes for sale, our REALTORS® recommend regularly doing the following. 

  • Wash off outside surfaces. Use fresh water to remove as much salt as possible. Additionally, spray silicone spray on metal surfaces both inside and outside to protect against corrosion. 

  • Clean windows regularly, preferably every week. Wind and salt can pit the glass, leaving less than picture perfect views.  

  • Inspect your home for mold. With damp air, mold can gain a foothold and multiply. Using dehumidifiers may help combat this ugly villain. 

  • Check the exterior. If your home is made of natural siding, it will need to be re-stained every two years. If your exterior is painted, whether the whole home or just doors and windows, take a good look at the paint, especially after a hot summer. Paint can blister in our North Carolina sun, exposing the wood underneath to the elements. 

  • Prevent unwelcome pests. Get your beachfront home regularly inspected for termites.  

  • Check electrical wires. Beachside weather can quickly corrode wires exposed to outside air. You can wrap them in moisture-proof tape to help avoid this.
  • Inspect landscaping. Take a look at your landscaping and take note of which plants are holding up well. Using natural plants native to the North Carolina coast will help your yard maintain its landscaped look and reduce the amount of watering you have to do.   

Finally, while you are doing battle with salt and sand, don't forget the routine maintenance chores that all homes need, no matter their location. 

  • Do a visual inspection of your roof, gutters, and downspouts. Look for shingles out of place and gutters that look to be pulling away from the home. Making small repairs early can sometimes hold off more expensive repairs down the road. 

  • Check windows and screens, repairing any broken latches or torn screens. Nothing ruins a nap by the sea faster than a mosquito that got in through a hole in the screen.
  • Have a professional inspect your HVAC system regularly, looking for unseen problems that tend to pop up on the hottest days or coldest nights. Don't forget to change the filter at least twice a year.  

If you need help on making sure your home is ready to show off to prospective buyers, contact us, and we will be happy to guide you.