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Bald Head Island Coastal Reserve-Margaret Rudd & Associates

There are plenty of beautiful places to visit in North Carolina, but few can compare to the majestic grandeur of the barrier islands and the N.C. Coastal Reserve & National Estuarine Research Reserve. Their peaceful serenity has lured everyone from sailors to scholars for centuries.

The past year was an eventful one for the area, and while the winds and waves of Hurricane Florence left their mark, it wasn't enough to dampen the spirit of residents or dissolve their resolve to make Bald Head Island the state's most popular destination. It is because of their efforts that demand for Bald Head Island homes for sale is as strong as ever.  

The N.C. Coastal Reserve and National Estuarine Reserve

The 191 acres of the Bald Head Woods are bordered by the Cape Fear River, and to the south and east by the Atlantic. This creates a picturesque setting of saltwater swamps, tree-filled forests, and pristine beaches that is unrivaled in the state. The massive Live and Laurel Oaks are among the largest in the state and tower over the surrounding landscape. Like stalwart guardians, their dense canopy protects a wide range of flora and fauna that flourish below.

Like many ecosystems, the area is facing a number of challenges. Rising sea levels, changing climates, and air and water pollution along the coast are significant concerns. N.C. Coastal Reserve staff are actively studying the habitat and taking steps to protect and preserve the watershed for generations to come. In fact, their Herculean efforts to protect and restore the habitat following Hurricane Florence are worthy of every accolade received.   

Of primary importance now and in the future is maintaining the habitat for the many species of migratory birds that stop in on the region during the fall. These include Blue Jays, Towhees, and more than twenty species of Warblers who rest their wings and fill their stomachs as they prepare for their southward journey.  

The Incredible History of Bald Head Island

Four-hundred years ago, Native Americans discovered plentiful fishing and hunting on Bald Head Island. They were followed by Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazano, English adventurers such as Sir Walter Raleigh, and a parade of marauding pirates including Stede Bonnet and Blackbeard. The shallow waters around the barrier islands were a gem on the Atlantic coast that promised these men and many others plentiful food, fresh water, shelter from storms, and protection from pursuers. That history is well remembered, and last year on the 300th anniversary of Blackbeard's death, pirate ships and revelers from around the world filled the area with live music, treasure hunts, and the deafening sounds of cannon and musketry. 

Bald Head Island played important roles during the Revolution, Civil War, and throughout WWII. For history buffs, looking out over the waves is to look back in time to periods when the waters just offshore were battlefields where the future of the country was decided. Today, those waters are peaceful and calm, and the only thing that churns them is the occasional storm. 

The peaceful beauty and community atmosphere of the region make real estate on Bald Head Island some of the most attractive in North Carolina. Our REALTORS® would be happy to show you around and schedule showings of area homes for sale. Contact us to learn more about the real estate market in the region and to discover more about the island's features and resilient history.