Email Post to a Friend: Choosing Paint Colors to Sell Your Coastal Home

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Painting to Sell-Margaret Rudd & Associates

The marine beauty of coastal towns in North Carolina makes the ideal backdrop for a calm and happy life. Use the unique natural charms of the Southport, NC landscape to sell your home more quickly.

One way to make your seaside home stand out is by choosing the perfect color to complement the seaside terrain. Our REALTORS® at Margaret Rudd and Associates use these secrets when finding just the right hue when placing a Southport home for sale.

  • Harness the Power of Optical Illusion

    Seeing isn't always believing. Different colors absorb varying amounts of light. The brain interprets the presence of light with a sense of space. For that reason, it's possible to use color to change the way potential buyers perceive your property.

    Lighter colors are the best for making small spaces feel roomy. White paint reflects the most light. However, all-white walls can be off-putting. Shades of all colors mixed with white is a great way to incorporate personality and still take advantage of optical illusion.

  • Mix It Up on the Outside

    Monotone paint jobs make everything blend together. Homes that use the same shade for the doors, windowsills, trim, and exterior walls may struggle to leave an impression on passers-by. This could also make it difficult to entice potential buyers to investigate the inside.

    Use different yet complementary colors to make your home more noticeable. Darker colors on the walls resist unattractive visual dirt build-up, while lighter colors for the trim make architectural features stand out more prominently.

  • Concentrate on Priorities

    When time and resources are short, focus your attention on the areas that buyers look to first. These include:

    • Kitchen. Kitchens are the most popular rooms in the home. If you're running tight on time before your first open house, make this your main priority.
    • Bathrooms. After the kitchen, bathrooms are what concern potential buyers the most. Spread a few coats onto cabinets as a low-cost, yet effective, way to liven up dingy wood.
    • Family room. Make the family room feel welcoming with paint in a fresh, clean color. Skip the dark tones in favor of lighter colors. Don't forget the ceiling.
    • High-traffic areas. Hallways and foyers are another point of interest for incoming investors. These areas are often the first thing visitors will see in your home. Make sure the first impression is good.

  • Pick a Palette

    Clashing colors make a home look awkward and feel unorganized. Choose a color theme to use throughout your property for a unified and comfortable feel.

    • Earth tones are best for family homes. Minty greens, frosty browns, and cool blues are great for outdoor paint jobs. You can tie the home together by using those same colors to trim interior rooms.
    • Stick with neutral colors to appeal to the widest possible audience. Beige, white, and gray are general enough to fit most decor.
    • Play up eclectic elements with a pop of color. Use bronze to highlight a soffit or a bold color to emphasize an ornate door. This color should be used sparingly.

Need more tips to help sell your Southport, NC home? Contact Margaret Rudd and Associates for more pointers on perfecting your home's paint job.