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Energy Efficient Home-Margaret Rudd & Associates

With experience working with both home buyers and sellers, our REALTORS®  have an in-depth knowledge of what buyers are looking for in Southport homes for sale. By far, the most sought-after features are those that increase the energy efficiency of a home. 

Everyone Benefits

Energy efficiency is the one thing that adds value for everyone on both sides of the house-buying equation. For sellers, having proof that you installed energy-efficient features in the home you're selling will increase the appeal to buyers. It will also enable you to ask for, and usually receive, a higher selling price. Some sellers question the initial cash investment they need to make to increase their home's energy efficiency, but when we point out how this investment can help them realize a better selling price, they understand the benefit.

Buyers know that the initial savings in energy costs may seem small at first, but they add up over time. With a home that is fully energy efficient, homeowners can save thousands of dollars over the time they own the home. With so much focus today on saving what energy resources we do have, buyers are also zeroing in on these features.

First Steps to Energy Efficiency

If you're building a new home, the first step to energy efficiency should start when plans are made. This will help you determine things like material to be used, window and skylight placement, solar panel installation, and more. For older homes, start by doing an energy assessment, which takes into account what features you have in your home, how things are used, and how the energy usage is being distributed. It then provides suggestions for things you can do to help increase the energy efficiency either by upgrading what you already have in place or adding others.

Energy Efficiency Upgrade Opportunities

Some of the most common areas that people look toward when upgrading the energy efficiency of their home include:

  • Insulation - Fiberglass insulation in the walls and roofing can greatly increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.
  • Windows/Door - Leaks around these places are more common than people realize. Have these checked for air leaks that can allow heated or cooled air to escape.
  • Heating/Cooling - Furnaces and cooling systems come with energy ratings like appliances do. The first thing you can do when creating a more energy-efficient home is to look for systems with the highest energy ratings. Next, keep your heating and cooling systems in the highest working order by getting annual checkups.
  • Appliances - Everything from your dishwasher to refrigerator and kitchen stove now comes with an Energy Star rating that allows you to determine how much it costs to run the appliance. By investing in the higher star levels from the start, you'll recognize the greatest efficiency over time.

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