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Final Walk-Through - Margaret Rudd & Associates

Congratulations! You've found the house after looking at many wonderful Southport homes for sale and made it to the final walkthrough. You're about to officially become a homeowner! You're probably excited to get into your new home, but take the time to make sure everything is right before you sign the papers and get the keys. Our REALTORS® recommend you look for these five things on your walkthrough.

  1. Verify repairs. Many people request repairs after a home inspection. Bring along your inspection report so that you can confirm repairs were made and done to your satisfaction. The seller should have provided documentation as well, and you'll need that in case you would have a problem covered under the contractor's warranty policy. Construction debris and materials should have been cleaned up.

  2. Check the details against your contract. Your purchase documents included statements about items that are to stay and the condition of the house. Appliances, light fixtures, and window treatments are some examples. The landscaping should be intact. You'll need to check that everything that was supposed to stay is still there and that the home is reasonably clean and damage free.

  3. Check for damage. Especially if the house hasn't been occupied in a while. It's not something anyone wants to think about, but accidents, critters, storms, and other unfortunate events do happen. Water damage, pest damage, and storm damage can go unnoticed when the property is unoccupied. Check inside and out. Look for telltale signs like standing water, mold where there wasn't any before, newly peeling or bubbling paint, and soft or damp spots on walls or ceilings. Make sure to check under sinks. Outdoor storm damage can include loose siding or missing shingles. Look for evidence of mice, bugs, or other animals that may have gotten in.

  4. Do a safety check. Check windows and doors and make sure they all open, close, and lock. Screens or windows should be present in storm doors and windows. Security systems should work along with smoke alarms. You want to make sure your home is secure and that you can get out in case of a fire.

  5. Check HVAC, electrical and other systems. No matter the season, turn on the heat and air conditioning and make sure they are blowing hot and cold air. Check the outlets and make sure they're getting power (plug in your cell phone to ensure it charges). Switch on the lights, ceiling fans, and bathroom fans to make sure they're working. Turn on the faucets and make sure the water drains. If you've had any repairs made after the inspection, verify they've been completed to your satisfaction.

    Your agent has a lot of experience here and can be a second set of eyes if you have questions or find anything that concerns you. Some things are significant problems, and others are just good to know or may require action after you move in. If there's a major issue, your agent can help you figure out what to do next.

After you've thoroughly gone through everything, you can sign the papers and get started on living life in your new home and experiencing all the Southport area has to offer. Margaret Rudd & Associates can help find the right home in Southport for you and your family. Contact us today to get started.