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Decorative Trends to Avoid - Margaret Rudd

You've spent many hours over the years picking out every fixture, paint color, and piece of furniture to make your house a home.

Now you're ready to put your house on the market, but you have to be prepared for future potential buyers. Our REALTORS® are experts at getting your home to sell as quickly as possible. Here are some decorating trends to avoid and updates you can make to give buyers of Southport homes for sale exactly what they want.

Bold Patterned Walls
Big, bold wallpaper patterns have become extremely trendy in recent years for places like bathroom spaces and accent walls in living spaces throughout your home.

However, while you may love those giant pandas with the bamboo forest background, they might turn potential buyers away. You buyers may see a project they have to take on if they purchase your home.

What to Do Instead: Paint your walls in neutral colors. White will always help give the buyers a blank space to envision how they would make the space their own. Or consider warmer neutrals to give the space a cozier feel. Neutral colors also help the rooms look brighter and larger, appealing to a broader range of potential buyers.

White on White Everywhere
White is recommended to bring more neutral elements into your home, especially in rooms such as the kitchen. However, too much white can leave your home feeling cold and sterile, which can be a turnoff to buyers.

What to Do Instead: Colorful cabinets are becoming popular in kitchen spaces. Consider neutrals like greys and creams to add a little more color to the space. Homebuyers are also loving the look of two-tone wood for their cabinetry. If you're feeling bold, consider painting the bottom cabinets a darker color with the upper cabinets being lighter to brighten up the space.

And speaking of cabinetry…

Cherry Cabinets
Cherry cabinets have been a popular choice for many years as an alternative to the white cabinets that seemed to be in every home lately. But even traditional cherry cabinets are losing their luster with some potential buyers.

What to Do Instead: Consider incorporating open shelving into your kitchen space. It can help the room to feel bigger and seems to be an option that more buyers are looking for. If installing open shelving is not an option for you, consider removing the doors on some of your upper cabinets to achieve a similar effect.

Accent Walls
Accent walls with materials such as shiplap have been popular in living rooms, bedrooms, or any other room that needs a little extra oomph. While this may still be attractive to buyers, there's a new trend that's on the horizon.

What to Do Instead: Spice up the space above your head. Ceilings are now becoming more of a focal point when buyers are creating their living spaces.

Consider adding wooden beams or painting the ceiling the same colors as the walls to bring more design to the entire room.

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun, but when you're selling your home, you have to consider the tastes of potential buyers. 

If you have any questions about staging your home for sale, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to begin the process, contact us for more information.