Email Post to a Friend: National Good Neighbor Day: How to Welcome a New Neighbor

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Welcome a Neighbor - Margaret Rudd

Everyone wants to have a good relationship with their neighbors. After all, you'll probably be living near each other for many years to come. National Good Neighbor Day on September 28 is the perfect opportunity to say hello to your new neighbors and make them feel welcome and at home.

National Good Neighbor Day was made official in 1978 to celebrate the bonds of communities, neighborhoods, and family that keep us all together. So when you see Southport homes for sale in your area, you can start making a plan to welcome your new neighbors. Our REALTORS® suggest trying one of these thoughtful gestures to break the ice.

  • Stop by and introduce yourself. You could bring the rest of the family or a few other neighbors with you too. You may or may not become fast friends, but taking the time to say hello will start your relationship off on the right foot.

  • Bring food. When you move finding everything you need to cook with can be a challenge, and no one wants to cook after a day of unpacking anyway. It can be a casserole or dessert, or even a couple of pizzas. If you make the food, you may want to include the recipe or an ingredient list in case of allergies. Alternately, you could bring a gift certificate to an eatery nearby.

  • Give a plant or seeds. ­­Plants are an excellent addition to any room or décor and something a little different if you'd rather not cook or other neighbors are planning to bring food. If gardening is a popular pastime on your street, a few seed packets can invite them to join in the fun.

  • Offer a gift basket with some local flair. There are all kinds of gift baskets available, and you could always opt for something traditional like a fruit basket. But if you can include something unique to the neighborhood or city like art, food, or décor items, it can help to make it a little more unique and meaningful. You could also include something that represents the local history and some information about the city.

  • Leave a welcome card. If you're unable to show up in person or they're not home when you stop by, you can always leave or mail a card. It can brighten someone's day.

  • Provide a list of useful information. Let them know when garbage pick-up is, address and phone of the nearest grocery store and library, or directions to nearby parks and the community rec center. There are all kinds of information that can be useful for new residents.

  • Connect via social media. If your street, town, or neighborhood group has a social media presence to keep everyone informed, get them included. Offer a list of relevant pages and accounts.

  • Offer opportunities to socialize. Invite them to a meeting for any neighborhood or community groups you're involved in or invite them to attend an upcoming community event such as a sporting event, festival, or fundraiser. If you're having a cookout or dinner party soon, invite them to attend.

Moving can be a busy, uncertain, and stressful time for people. Taking the time to show some kindness and welcoming others to the neighborhood can make a significant positive impact on their day. One way to take the stress out of moving is to start with the right real estate agent. Margaret Rudd & Associates can help you buy or sell your home in the Southport area. Contact us today to get started.