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Southport Beach

Who doesn't dream of living close to the sand and surf of the ocean? The Atlantic coast of the United States is home to unbelievable beaches that offer incredible views and unrivaled opportunities for relaxation. If you're ready to live a life of leisure along the sandy shore, our real estate agents encourage you to explore Southport homes for sale in one of the prettiest beach towns in the U.S.

  1. Southport is regularly voted one of the prettiest beach towns in the country. Officially and unofficially, hundreds of locals, visitors and journalists alike have fallen in love with Southport's charm and character. Included in lists of the best beach towns and prettiest beach towns in the country, Southport continues to be a must-visit destination along the east coast.

  2. Southport's history dates back to the 1520s.
    One of the reasons why Southport is cherished for its quaint and cozy atmosphere is because the town still retains its seafaring traits of years passed. Once a haven for pirates, it was established as a fishing village and military town in the 1700s. Unlike other coastal towns, the population remained low, allowing Southport to harbor the friendly, inviting, small-town atmosphere.

  3. It's more than a tiny harbor town.
    Don't let its small population fool you — Southport has plenty to see and do. The town where the river meets the sea is full of interesting museums, gorgeous natural spaces, delicious restaurants with freshly caught seafood, breweries, art galleries and much more. Just as the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Fear River, and Intracoastal Waterway flow together peacefully, the rich history of the town, modern amenities and ever-evolving creativity and passion of local residents are blended beautifully to create a coastal culture unlike any other.

  4. A great place for adults in every stage of life.
    Although many Southport homes for sale are purchased by men and women hoping to enjoy retirement with an ocean view, Southport is a lovely place to live for adults of all ages. Close to Myrtle Beach and Wilmington, Southport is within a short drive to great educational and career opportunities for established professionals and growing families alike.

  5. The Salubrious Breeze will heal your soul.
    Anyone who's been to Southport knows that the calm breeze that surrounds you wherever you go has a powerful feeling on the body. Salubrious, meaning something that promotes well-being, is how locals describe the welcoming winds that fill your lungs with a sense of happiness, serenity, and contentment.

Are you ready to gaze upon the red-roofed cottages and stately sea homes the town has to offer? Contact us today and we'll show you the quaint Southport homes for sale in one of the prettiest beach towns in the United States.