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Selling During the Slow Season

Winter can seem like a slow time to sell a home, but that doesn't mean you should wait to list your house or condo. While it may seem like a slower season, there are still homebuyers opting to move during the holidays due to changes in family size, income, or a change in jobs. When selling your home during the winter season, there are some strategies you can employ to make your house stand out among other Southport homes for sale.

Attract Out-of-Towners

Moving is one of the top reasons a buyer will be searching for a home in the offseason. Use this information to tailor your listing to out of town buyers. Highlight your year-round home features as well as access to local amenities and community events. Include information that is local-only knowledge to give them the inside scoop. 

Stage Strategically

It's ok to add a little holiday flair to your off-season staging, but remember to keep your decorative pallet open, allowing room for your potential buyer's home plans. Your buyer will want to see possibilities, not a specific decoration style. Keep your decor seasonal but not religious, and think of open space not over-the-top.

Even in winter, don't forget to pay attention to your curb appeal and landscaping features. Make sure all areas of your home are in good repair both inside and out. Consider investing in new roofing tiles, new siding, or an exterior coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint on the home interior can also add value without a large investment. Consider upgrades to specific high-value rooms in your home, such as countertops and tile in the kitchen or resurfacing the bathtub and adding a new vanity in the bathroom. More important than appearance alone, however, is making sure your existing items are in working order with pipes draining, heaters heating, and windows shutting without leaks.

And don't forget to deep clean everything!

Stay Flexible

An off-season market means your home may take longer to sell or receive some lower-end offers. While there may be fewer offers at this time of year, your buyers are likely to be more motivated. For example, many families would not move mid-school year unless forced to do so by a new job or promotion. These changing circumstances often create a sense of urgency and need to move NOW. Our REALTORS® can help you balance the budget when making decisions about the length of listing time versus the risk of loss for dropping your price. You'll want to balance the time and investment so you can make the most out of your sale. Also, real estate experts can help you to understand the current selling prices in your market and the averages of what to expect right now. 

Contact Us to find out more about winter home sales in Southport. It's possible not only to sell your home over the holidays, but it's also possible to sell it at a fair price.