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Holiday Events Southport

The holidays are right around the corner. With so many events on Southport's nice list, you may wonder how you can fill your holiday with as much cheer as possible. Our real estate agents recommend taking time this holiday season to attend these favorite events in Southport!

  • Downtown Southport Tree Lighting Ceremony — 105 E. West St., Southport, NC 28461 | Nov 29
    What better way than to kick off the season by gathering downtown with your family, friends, and neighbors for a tree lighting ceremony? Join the mayor and Southport's residents in Franklin Square Park as they flip the switch and light up the big holiday tree. Cookies and hot cocoa will be provided as cheerful music plays. This great family-friendly event will help you get to know your future Southport neighbors.

  • Winterfest State Port Pilot Annual Cookie Contest — 223 E. Bay St., Southport, NC 28461 | Dec 11
    Holidays and cookies go together like — well, milk and cookies! Fill your stomach with sugary treats at the State Port Pilot Annual Cookie Contest at the Southport Community Building. Bake a batch from your family recipe or come down and taste the delicious treats from talented Southport bakers. This annual contest is a scrumptious way to meet others in the community and maybe pick up a few baking tips along the way.

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Open House Checklist

It all leads up to this — the open house. All of your hard work in and around your home is now ready to be showcased for prospective buyers. Getting to the open house stage is no easy feat, and you should feel excitement mixed with pride as you prepare to entertain the buyer's offers. Before you open the doors to your home, you want to make sure you're all squared away. To give you a helping hand, our real estate agents created the ultimate open house checklist to prepare you and your home.

  • Hire a cleaning service. These professionals will make your home look and smell fresh. Consider scheduling them the day before the viewing and once a week until you're under contract.

  • Hire a lawn care service. Another group of dedicated professionals, these talented landscapers will optimize your curb appeal. Consider having them make weekly or biweekly visits.

  • Clean your driveway, sidewalk, and curb. Unfortunately, trash or debris on the sidewalk and street are out of your control, but you should try to keep an eye out for these items the morning before the viewing. Be sure to sweep your driveway, walkway, and porch as well.

  • Remove personal belongings. Any objects in your home that are individualized should be removed. This includes photographs, souvenirs, memorabilia, or other furnishings viewed as intimate or personal.

  • Lockup or remove valuables. Anything that "has legs" should be kept out of view. This includes jewelry, important personal documents, money, or other valuable trinkets that are not decoration.

  • Consider renting a temporary storage space. You may want to remove the majority of your possessions before the showing to make room for staging materials. If you're selling before purchasing your next home, renting a storage unit will help you keep everything organized.

  • Choose an appropriate time for your open house. You want your open house to be a success, but the wrong day or time could prevent that from happening. Sunday afternoons are typically the best time. Avoid major holidays if possible.

  • Advertise effectively. To get the best turnout, you need to rely on more than street traffic. Open house signs in the yard or around the neighborhood are effective, but you also need to use other resources. Social media and email marketing are exceptional, especially since you can track their analytics. You may also consider putting ads in a local newspaper. 

  • Create a brochure. Give your visitors something to take home in the form of an informative brochure. Highlight the best features of the home and include high-resolution photographs.

  • Stage the space professionally. Staging companies will transform your home into a space that feels inviting and livable to a wide audience of buyers.  

  • Offer snacks and beverages. Create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with refreshments. This will make the event seem more sociable for guests.

  • Don't hover or follow guests around. If possible, avoid participating in the open house. Your real estate agent will provide your guests with all of the information they need.

  • Encourage them to sign in and follow up on their visit. Feedback from your guests will help you either engage interested buyers or discover why they aren't interested in the features of your home.

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A Harvest of Thanks




Time to Buy Your First Home

You've rented numerous apartments and homes up to this point, but there was always a personal element missing. Perhaps it's time to stop renting and start looking for a more long-term place of residence to call your own. Southport homes for sale offer many luxuries and amenities for your everyday lifestyle, and with several locations to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect place for you. Even though you may not be consciously aware of it, there may be several signs that it's time to buy your own home.

Financial Signs You're Ready to Buy A Home

If you've ever been asked to move because your lease expired or your rent increase was too high, you may have thought about other options. Buying your own home will eliminate this from happening in the future. In some cases, your monthly mortgage may even be less than the amount you've been paying for rent. If you have good credit, you can apply for a loan for the down payment, which is usually around twenty percent. If your family is growing and you don't see relocating in the foreseeable future, then buying may be the best option. Other signs you may be experiencing when deciding on purchasing your own home are:

  • You have a steady stream of monthly income
  • You can afford (and are able) to perform the necessary upkeep and repairs
  • You're just tired of the hassle of renting
  • You want to plan for the long-term

Buying a home is a monumental task to take on, but the signs may already be telling you that it's time to take that next step in doing so.

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Selling During the Slow Season

Winter can seem like a slow time to sell a home, but that doesn't mean you should wait to list your house or condo. While it may seem like a slower season, there are still homebuyers opting to move during the holidays due to changes in family size, income, or a change in jobs. When selling your home during the winter season, there are some strategies you can employ to make your house stand out among other Southport homes for sale.

Attract Out-of-Towners

Moving is one of the top reasons a buyer will be searching for a home in the offseason. Use this information to tailor your listing to out of town buyers. Highlight your year-round home features as well as access to local amenities and community events. Include information that is local-only knowledge to give them the inside scoop. 

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