Email Post to a Friend: 7 Tips for Staging Your Home for Real Estate Photos

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Real Estate Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when you're taking real estate photos, you want your buyer to have only two words in mind — dream home.

Our REALTORS® know the importance of high-quality photography for your real estate listing. The question is, do you know how to stage your home for these amazing photos? We've gathered this list of 7 tips to help you stage your home in a picture-perfect way.

  1. Let's Talk About Lighting
    Lighting is one of the most vital elements in photography, and it's just as important in real estate photos. Natural light will always be your best resource, so schedule your photographs during a time late morning or early afternoon. Open all curtains and blinds as well.

  2. Crop Out Clutter
    Clutter can be very distracting in photographs so minimize it as much as possible. Ideally, you should see no clutter, which includes items like dishware, clothing, or pet supplies. When you take your photos, your home should look as presentable as it would be if buyers were walking it in person.

  3. Keep Appearances Just As Clean
    There are certain functional elements of the home that can be distracting as well. You want your home to look uniform and organized. So be sure to address nuances like dirty mirrors, open toilet seats, disheveled furniture, or scattered piles of magazines. These little pet peeves can distract and subconsciously repel buyers.

  4. Try Multiple Angles
    Getting the perfect shot may require some practice which is why we suggest shooting from a variety of angles. Composing your photo in an efficient yet aesthetic way can provide a stunning full view of the room. Take photographs from different viewpoints in the room and compare their symmetry, composure, and how each shot makes the room appear. You always want to give a real depth and detail of the room while still capturing its notable features.

  5. Don't Make A Cameo Appearance
    While you're searching for the right angle, make sure you're not accidentally in the photo. Reflections in mirrors or windows can be distracting, and any shadows you may cast could negatively impact the composure of the shot. Take the time to find an angle that keeps you out of frame.

  6. Don't Forget About The Exterior
    Curb appeal is important even in photography. You'll need to have a handful of great exterior shots to add to your listing so don't forget to keep your lawn, porch, and driveway presentable. Store all tools, lawn furniture, and garbage cans out of view. Remove your car from the driveway and consider sweeping the sidewalk as well.

  7. Hire A Professional
    You've hired a REALTOR® because they are experts in the real estate market — shouldn't an equally capable professional take your listing photos? A professional photographer specializing in real estate photography knows how to make any property speak volumes through a single image. Invest in high-quality, professional listing photos, and you'll have plenty of buyers running to your front door.

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