Email Post to a Friend: New to Southport: How to Make Friends in Your New City

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Making new friends can be tough, especially when you are new in town. Our real estate agents share some tips for meeting people in your new community. Trying these fun ways to connect might take you out of your comfort zone and into some friendships that last a lifetime.

Ask Around

If you're looking at Southport homes for sale but wondering how you'll make new friends in the area, ask your current friends if they know anyone who lives or works in the local beach towns. There is lots to do, so reach out and say hello! 

Join a Gym or Exercise Class

Gyms often have members who are part of a supportive, encouraging community. Working toward your fitness goals will also make you feel good about yourself, and in the process, you might just gain a few friends who will also be your cheerleaders. If a gym is not your style, you may want to join a local sports league or try a yoga class to branch out and network with others.

Shop Local

Spending time chatting with local business owners can help you build a sense of community, even if you're new to town. Most business owners and their employees love getting to know their customers, so become a regular at the farmer's market, the diner down the street, or hit your local bar for a drink once in a while. You just might strike up interesting conversations with other patrons as well.

Check out Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are often the heart of the neighborhood or a small town. If you want to get to know your neighbors, spend some time chatting with the local baristas, grab a table, and settle in for some people watching. The other thing that's critical to check out is the bulletin board or table full of flyers in your local coffee shop. That way, you can get the scoop on local interest groups and cool events.

Attend Cultural Events 

One of the best ways to meet new friends is to participate in local food, music, and arts festivals. The vibe at festivals in and around the Brunswick Islands is usually communal and casual, which makes it easy to strike up conversations with those around you. Not only that, if a festival is specific to something you like, you'll probably meet some people who share other common interests, too! Check out your town's chamber of commerce website or peruse the local paper to find out what's going on.

Get Outside

Nature's not only good for the body and soul, but it's also a great way to meet people who share common interests. Do you have a dog? If the answer's yes, get to your local dog park to meet new furry friends and their humans. Or take some time to meander along the beach and settle down in the sand with a good book. Who knows, maybe someone will ask what you're reading and invite you to join their book club….where you can meet even more new friends!

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