Email Post to a Friend: 7 Signs You've Found Your Dream Home

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Dream Home in Southport

At some point in your house-hunting process, you may begin to wonder if you'll ever find just the right home. But then one day, like magic, there it is...your dream home. A little later, though, doubts set in, and you second guess yourself. Need some help? Our REALTORS® can advise you on discerning when you've found your ideal home among all the Southport homes for sale that you've looked at.

Here are seven signs you have found just the right home for you and your loved ones.

  1. You're willing to overlook flaws.
    You know how you've felt in so many houses when you've encountered flaws. You know they can be repaired or negotiated over, but you're just not willing to do so. In your dream home, however, it's a different story. As the real estate agent points out flaws, you are mentally finding ways to fix them.

  2. It's within your budget.
    Sometimes house hunters get so excited over a home that they forget it's not within the budget they have set themselves, and they start looking for ways to make it happen anyway. It's a bad idea to go over budget; otherwise, you could end up with buyer's remorse when you remember things like property tax, home insurance, closing costs, and renovations. Concentrate on saving as much as you can and then plan on investing that amount in your home, but staying strictly within your means.

  3. It's the right location.
    You have in mind the locations you're willing to live in. Maybe it's about proximity to your job, to schools or amenities, but if the home is in one of your primary choices for location, it's checking an important box. There's not much reason to consider homes that aren't where you want to be.

  4. The home fulfills your wants as well as your needs.
    You have known that your dream home should have the features you need -- certain square footage; split level, single-story or two-story design; so many bathrooms and bedrooms, etc. But beyond the basics, you've yearned for a fireplace, a cathedral ceiling, a swimming pool, or an enormous yard. If this home has all you need, plus many of those pluses, it may be the right one for you.

  5. You start planning for how the home will look.
    Once you find your dream home, you'll immediately begin to paint an imaginary picture of how it will look when you put your distinctive imprint on it. Maybe you'll start with new paint and flooring, or undertake some significant renovations such as replacing windows, installing cabinets, or expanding a kitchen island. Whatever you do, this home will be your palette, as you envision where the furniture will go, the style of window treatments you'll choose, or how the bathroom will look with new appliances. 

  6. You envision your future in the home.
    A dream home should inspire the potential buyer to see down the road, five or ten years, as the setting for you and your family. Yes, you may move in the future. But for now, is this the place you want to be?

  7. Your gut feeling tells you this is the right choice.
    You should have a gut feeling that this is the right home for you. If that's not there, you probably should pass.

Our real estate agents can help you find your Southport dream home. Contact us today.