Email Post to a Friend: 5 Things To Look For When Picking a Dog-Friendly Neighborhood

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Dog Friendly Neighborhood

Finding a pet-friendly neighborhood is an important consideration for homebuyers with pets. But how would you know whether your new neighborhood will be truly welcoming to your furry friend? Our REALTORS® have prepared some tips on what to look for while hunting for a new home for you and your pets.

  1. Vet Care Professionals and Groomers
    As a dog owner, you'll need an excellent groomer. Go through the reviews of groomers in the neighborhood to get an idea of their work. Consider areas with reputable groomers with standards such as vaccination requirements and positive first-hand reviews. A nearby veterinarian is another critical factor to consider. You'll need to access regular care and a clinic that provides 24-hour emergency care.
  2. Specialty Pet Stores
    It can be a huge plus to find a neighborhood with at least one specialty store that stocks a wide range of pet foods and products. Most brands have been more on board with producing natural, healthy options. It's a sure sign that your dog will continue enjoying his favorite meals and a healthy lifestyle.
  3. A Stellar Yard
    A perfect yard provides plenty of space for running, adequate foliage, privacy, and a nice spot to fix your compost bin. Consider homes with beautiful landscaping, but don't let an overgrown yard prevent you from settling on a perfect dwelling. A great walking path is similarly important. Are there shaded areas, smooth terrains, and public places to dispose of dirt? Walking paths could be in the form of trails, sidewalks, hilly terrains, or beaches.
  4. Pet-friendly Joints
    Pet-friendly neighborhoods often feature more than a handful of restaurants, shops, or coffee shops that fully welcome pets. Call or stop by some of the local stores, restaurants, or coffee shops and ask about their policy on pets. If you can spot pets lounging on restaurant patios as their human family members enjoy their lunch or dinner nearby, that's a good sign. Spotting pet treats on the counter at the neighborhood brewery or bakery is also a positive sign. These little extras will improve the quality of life for you and your furry friend, making your new neighborhood feel like home. A flourishing dog-loving community will also host plenty of outdoor concerts, festivals, and other pet-related social gatherings.
  5. A Dog Park
    Having a dog park nearby is always a selling point when searching for Southport homes for sale. Spend some time at the dog park monitoring the activity. See how the dogs are interacting with other pets and how attentive their owners are. Typically, people highly engaged with their dogs is a good indicator.

After you've done your homework, narrow down your favorite options in your soon-to-be new neighborhood, take some time to test drive around the neighborhood, talk to a few residents, and don't shy from asking several questions. And last but not least, speak with your real estate agent to help you find a home where you and your pooch will have fabulous times. And if you're looking for a dog-friendly home in Southport, contact us today for professional guidance!