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Spring Cleaning Tasks

It's spring cleaning season -- so jump on those big projects that will make your home fresh and clean and ready to stand out among Southport homes for sale. But don't forget those other tasks -- you know, the ones that ensure your home is spic and span in every nook and cranny. These are the jobs, so many of us forget about among the many other spring cleaning tasks on our to-do list. Make your home sparkle inside and out with this helpful list compiled by our REALTORS®.

  1. Vacuum Between the Mattress and Box Springs
    Dirt and other pollutants can lurk everywhere in your home, not just on the floor and exposed flat surfaces. Start your quest for a deep-cleaned home by vacuuming your mattress top with a HEPA filter to get rid of dirt, dust mites, and pet dander. Then turn it over and vacuum the box springs and back of the mattress. Rotate your mattress regularly every six months or so. Pillow top mattress? Flip it from head to toe.
  2. Wash Pillows
    Think about it. Even though we wash our bed linens, those pillows get dirty too. Pollutants that need washing away include dirt and dust, dust mites, skin and hair flakes, and for those with pets that sleep on the bed, pet dander. Follow washing directions on labels.
  3. Clean the Shower Curtain and Liner
    Let's hope your shower curtain can be easily laundered. You may need to spray the liner with bleach, vinegar, or some kind of cleaner, then scrub off soap scum, mildew, or whatever. If the liner is too far gone, replace it. 
  4. Give the Sofa and Chairs Some Attention
    If you have a sofa cover, take it off now and then and wash it if there's no cover, vacuum under and between the cushions. Same with chair cushions. Take covers off throw pillows if they come off and launder them. While you're at it, flip the cushions. 
  5. Clean Ceiling Fan Blades
    Did you know the dirt on ceiling fan blades slows them down, so they work less efficiently? No, it's not a lot of electricity, but every little bit counts. Sponge off tops, bottoms, and edges of blades, as well as the housing for the motor and light. 
  6. Clean Light Fixtures
    They are way up there just under the ceiling, so out of sight, right? Nevertheless, to have a truly spotless home, the light fixtures deserve a thorough going-over. Get rid of dust and any grungy buildup, but be careful about the kind of cleaner you use on metal fixtures.
  7. Clean Baseboards
    This task is something we always mean to get to but never seem to have time. Use furniture polish for unpainted baseboards. You can use vinegar and water for painted ones, but don't get your sponge sopping wet. Just wipe the dust. If you have bored kids at home, enlist the tribe to help out.
  8. Wash the Patio
    It'll be a lot more fun to enjoy sitting on the patio if the floor, screens, and furniture are free of dirt and spider webs. Sweep the floor, vacuum, or power wash screens. Wipe furniture down with a damp sponge. Vacuum under furniture to get rid of insects, webs, and dirt.

Follow these tips and your Southport home is sure to sparkle. Looking for more tips on preparing your home for sale? Contact us today.