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Sea Turtle

Sea turtle nesting season is here and from May 1st til September 30th we can help the endangered Loggerheads, and other species that return to Oak Island and Caswell Beach every year, by caring for their habitat. 

Did you know that bright lights at night disturb both nesting mothers and hatchlings?  They mistake it for moonlight on the water or phosphorescence and it can lead them away from safety to places where they fall victim to predators and road hazards. 

Similarly, sand-sculptures, holes, and equipment left on the beach after dark create hazards that can trap both nesting mother and hatchlings.  Why not take a photo of your masterpiece and post it to Facebook before filling it in at the end of the day?  Tag us - we love to see the fanciful creations dotting our shoreline!

There are many opportunities for you to learn more about these extraordinary creatures that visit our beach under cover of darkness.  You can also donate online or by mail through the following links.

The Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection Program has 130 dedicated volunteers who monitor the nests and watch over the emergence of the hatchlings.  Visit their website to view nest tracking data & view photos online.

The Caswell Beach Turtle Watch also has a nest monitoring program and an extensive list of educational resources on their website. 

The nearby Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Surf City, NC, even has a protocol for tracking turtles after they have been rehabilitated and released back into the wild!  To see more and learn how you can contribute, visit them at

Let us hear from you at and share what you've learned, what you've loved about your trip to the beach, and what you look forward to on your next visit!  Our sales agents are eager to help you find your niche, whether it's oceanfront, maritime forest, easy boating access, or the convenience of the mainland. The North Carolina coast is a beautiful place to make your nest!


Budget Friendly Kitchen

Not only is the kitchen the heart of the home, but it's also often the room that adds the most value when it comes to selling a house. If you're planning to put your home on the market, remember that a simple kitchen upgrade can not only help your home to sell faster, it can generate a significant return on investment. 

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Transplanting During the Summer

Our real estate agents know one of the best reasons to own a home is to have a garden or lawn for planting your favorite flowers, veggies, or fruits. A garden is great for hours of enjoyment all throughout the year. Plenty of Southport homes for sale offer ample space for any gardener to get started.

Even true "green thumbs" can find themselves slowing down a little on outdoor chores during the heat of summer. But sometimes, a plant simply won't wait: For one reason or another, you need to transplant it right away.

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Features Buyers are Looking forThe real estate market sees numerous changes each year with new trending features to entice homebuyers. The coronavirus, homeschooling, and working remotely have many families looking to expand their living space to accommodate all the changes. Whether you are selling or viewing Southport homes for sale, it's important to know the current trends.

When looking for a new home, every buyer has a specific list of essential features. Your home is more than just a house; it's your sanctuary. Right now, buyers want specific features for a comfortable and efficient living space. Check out the following five growing trends for homebuyers in 2020.

  1. Extra Space
    Before the recent health crisis, working remotely at home was a growing trend. Now to stay healthy, more individuals are working from home. For cost efficiency, many employers will continue to have their employees work at home in the future. Meeting the demands of working from home requires a private area to conduct business and close off the rest of the household. Homebuyers are looking for houses with extra bedrooms or other areas to transform into a home office.
  2. Two Bathrooms or More
    With everyone at home, the bathroom is a busy location. Increased use means a lot of traffic. If your current home only has one bathroom, the extra use may be overwhelming for your system to handle. Numerous homebuyers want at least two full baths or an extra half-bathroom to meet the needs of the family.
  3. Large Kitchen Space
    With the preparation of more meals at home, kitchen space is essential to meet the demands of daily cooking. The ideal kitchen would have extra space off to the side for a large pantry to stock up on necessities. A spacious kitchen is a growing trend taking over the preference of sizeable formal dining areas. A kitchen is an ideal location for family meals with quick and easy cleanup. The extra space is also an excellent area for doing schoolwork or entertaining.
  4. Backyard Space
    Spacious backyards are a welcome feature for numerous homebuyers. After all, when staying close to home, your outdoor living space is essential. Homebuyers want space for family entertainment and maybe a patio for enjoying summer evenings and meals. 
  5. Energy Efficient
    Home's with energy-efficient upgrades were already gaining popularity with homebuyers. Now with more people working at home and using electricity all day long, these features are even more desirable. A highly efficient HVAC system helps reduce your energy consumption and saves money. Plus, windows should be Energy Star qualified to help reduce heat or cooling loss. 

When selling your home, it's important to know what homebuyers are looking for in their search. 

Starting a search of your own? If you need help finding the right home for you and your family, our real estate agents are ready to help. Contact us today. We will find the ideal home match for you.  


Takeout Options

These days, it feels like cooking dinner night after night is almost impossible. Trust us, our real estate agents are also getting a little bored with the same skillet servings and microwave meals. Thankfully, so many of our favorite restaurants around Brunswick County are saving the day with their takeout services. Close your kitchen for the night, and treat your family to a delicious dish from one of these popular Southport eateries.

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