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Features Buyers are Looking forThe real estate market sees numerous changes each year with new trending features to entice homebuyers. The coronavirus, homeschooling, and working remotely have many families looking to expand their living space to accommodate all the changes. Whether you are selling or viewing Southport homes for sale, it's important to know the current trends.

When looking for a new home, every buyer has a specific list of essential features. Your home is more than just a house; it's your sanctuary. Right now, buyers want specific features for a comfortable and efficient living space. Check out the following five growing trends for homebuyers in 2020.

  1. Extra Space
    Before the recent health crisis, working remotely at home was a growing trend. Now to stay healthy, more individuals are working from home. For cost efficiency, many employers will continue to have their employees work at home in the future. Meeting the demands of working from home requires a private area to conduct business and close off the rest of the household. Homebuyers are looking for houses with extra bedrooms or other areas to transform into a home office.
  2. Two Bathrooms or More
    With everyone at home, the bathroom is a busy location. Increased use means a lot of traffic. If your current home only has one bathroom, the extra use may be overwhelming for your system to handle. Numerous homebuyers want at least two full baths or an extra half-bathroom to meet the needs of the family.
  3. Large Kitchen Space
    With the preparation of more meals at home, kitchen space is essential to meet the demands of daily cooking. The ideal kitchen would have extra space off to the side for a large pantry to stock up on necessities. A spacious kitchen is a growing trend taking over the preference of sizeable formal dining areas. A kitchen is an ideal location for family meals with quick and easy cleanup. The extra space is also an excellent area for doing schoolwork or entertaining.
  4. Backyard Space
    Spacious backyards are a welcome feature for numerous homebuyers. After all, when staying close to home, your outdoor living space is essential. Homebuyers want space for family entertainment and maybe a patio for enjoying summer evenings and meals. 
  5. Energy Efficient
    Home's with energy-efficient upgrades were already gaining popularity with homebuyers. Now with more people working at home and using electricity all day long, these features are even more desirable. A highly efficient HVAC system helps reduce your energy consumption and saves money. Plus, windows should be Energy Star qualified to help reduce heat or cooling loss. 

When selling your home, it's important to know what homebuyers are looking for in their search. 

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