Email Post to a Friend: Common Myths About the Real Estate Market

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Myths About Real Estate

Ask anyone who has bought or sold a home for real estate advice, and you're likely to hear some interesting answers related to that person's own experience. But no matter how good the intentions of the friend, family member, or colleague providing that advice, it can be hard to separate myth from fact. The stakes are high when buying or selling a home, so it's important to have the facts before you engage in the process. Our real estate agents are here to help, by debunking five common myths that you have likely heard about the real estate market.

  • Myth #1: Find the Perfect Home Before You Get Pre-Approved
    Shopping for a home is exciting, so it's only natural that many buyers want to skip right to finding the perfect home. But before you get serious about shopping for Southport homes for sale, it's a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage. Getting pre-approved will give you a firm idea of exactly how much home you can afford, and shows sellers that you have the financial means to close the deal.

  • Myth #2: All Real Estate Agents Are the Same
    There are many myths about real estate agents, but perhaps the most common is that all agents are the same. While most agents share common goals, each goes about serving customers in their own way. The best agents can help you with so much more than just making an offer or listing your home.

  • Myth #3: You Don't Need an Agent When Buying a Home
    Going without an agent may seem like a way to save money, but the outcome is often quite the opposite. The right agent will have in-depth knowledge of the communities where you're shopping, can help you avoid common pitfalls in the purchasing process, and will act as your advocate in key negotiations. Without an agent, it can be hard to get your foot in the door and even harder to close the deal.

  • Myth #4: It's Okay to Start with a Lowball Offer
    Starting with a lowball offer may feel like a common negotiating tactic, but the truth is that it backfires more often than not when buying a house. The competition for homes is fierce in many markets because there is more demand than supply. If you want your offer to stand out from the pack in a positive way, skip the lowball offer and start with something realistic for both sides.

  • Myth #5: Spring Is the Only Time to Sell
    Spring is often referred to as " selling season" in the real estate world, and there are certainly benefits to listing your home during the spring. Just don't let anyone convince you that spring is the only good time to sell a home. The truth is that demand is high in many markets, and the right real estate agent will help you attract quality offers no matter the season.

Finding the right real estate agent makes it easy to get the facts and focus on what matters most when buying or selling a home. Ready to shop? Contact us to buy and sell homes throughout the Southport, NC area.