Email Post to a Friend: Say Goodbye to Summer Bugs With These Natural Remedies

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Summer Bugs

As the summer heats up here in the Southport area, our real estate agents have been hard at work showing off the best Southport homes for sale. But there's one thing about the warm weather no one looks forward to, and that's summer bugs!

Yes, just about anywhere you go in the United States, the story is the same: Bugs are much more active in the summer than they are in any other season. And they're not just out there in the garden, either – they can easily find their way into a home.

No matter how careful and clean you are, bugs can slip into a house any of a dozen ways. That said, you don't have to let them stay! With a few quick tricks, you can discourage many of the area's insects from bothering you at home. And no harsh chemicals are required.

You probably already have dozens of items around the house that can help you with insects!

Let's take a look at some "must-haves" for any homeowner:

  1. Coffee Grounds
    Leftover coffee grounds are helpful for any areas outside of your home where insects infiltrate. Many insects are repulsed by the smell humans find some enticing – caffeine is toxic to them, after all. A wide variety of pests will steer clear.
  2. Bananas
    Aphids are some of the most common and persistent garden pests. When you're done with your bananas, the discarded peels can be helpful in chasing them off. Placing peels under the soil near targeted plants will give them a burst of nutrients while keeping aphids away.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar
    Many homeowners praise apple cider vinegar for its antibacterial properties, which makes it a valuable tool in both wellness and cleaning. As a pest repellent, it's especially effective against fruit flies, which are attracted to the scent and then become stuck.
  4. Cornmeal
    Cornmeal is a non-toxic solution that can reduce ant populations over a few days. Although they will bring the cornmeal back to their colonies, they can't digest it. This is an especially useful way for dog and cat owners to get rid of ants without using pesticides.
  5. White Vinegar
    You've probably heard that if you see one ant, many more are close behind. The truth is, though, that ants have a sophisticated pathfinding system based on scent. White vinegar disrupts the trails they leave behind for other ants to follow so that they won't come in search of food.
  6. Basil
    Basil is spectacular for warding off flies – and you don't even need to burn it. Having a few sprigs of basil in a sunny spot by the door will help you ensure no lurking flies when you need to get in and out. Plus, you'll always have a great garnish or hint of spice for many meals.
  7. Cloves
    Cloves are the ideal answer to any incursion of ladybugs. You can place small bags of them around the home or use just a few drops of clove oils. This overpowering scent is one of many that will send ladybugs packing. Sometimes, they are all gone within just a few days.

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