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Tourism in Southport

Sunday, September 27th, is World Tourism Day and our real estate agents have your passport to fun! Even though we may not be able to jet-set around the globe, you can still set a course for adventure close to home. Southport is full of interesting attractions, many of which residents know about but surprisingly haven't visited. Play tourist for a day and see a new side to Southport by visiting these five local attractions.

  1. Fort Johnston Southport Museum – 203 E. Bay St., Southport, NC 28461
    First, stop at the Fort Johnston Southport Museum to learn about our city's history. Now a visitor's center, this fort was built back in the 1700s. In fact, the fort's presence was one of the reasons why the Southport area developed into the town it is today. Each room of the museum contains fascinating artifacts which the museum guides are happy to talk to you about. One reason we always insist that the Fort Johnston Southport Museum is a first-stop on your tourist trail is because the knowledgeable staff members will gladly point you in the direction of other interesting historical sites and fun activities around Southport.

  2. Old Brunswick County Jail Museum – 318 E. Nash St., Southport, NC 28461
    When pretending to be a tourist in Southport, you probably didn't think you'd go to jail! The Old Brunswick County Jail Museum is one of the coolest historical sites in town and was actually featured in the movie "Crimes of the Heart" in 1986. Offering an undeniably different glimpse into the history of Southport, the Old Brunswick County Jail Museum is a great place to learn interesting town history and take unforgettable photo-ops of your family and friends in the stockades.

  3. Southport Marsh Walk – Brunswick Ave., Southport, NC 28461
    Retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city without actually leaving the city by following the Southport Marsh Walk. Watch the sidewalks and roads turn into wild terrain as you follow the long boardwalk from Brunswick Avenue into what feels like the middle of nowhere. This is a fantastic walk for nature lovers, photographers, and those who simply love unspoiled views of the Cape Fear River.

  4. Franklin Square Gallery – 130 E. West St., Southport, NC 28461
    Discover the art scene in historic Southport at the Franklin Square Gallery. Showcasing talent from around North Carolina, works of art from over 100 artists are on display in the form of 2-D, paintings, pottery, jewelry, and other fabulous mediums. The artists also run this non-profit gallery together and help preserve this historic building. With workshops, speaker series, art shows, and meet-the-artist events, a visit to the Franklin Square Gallery is a great way to get to known the artistic heart of Southport.

  5. Southport Marina – 606 W. West St., Southport, NC 28461
    Finally, end your tour of Southport at the Southport Marina. As one of the largest marinas in the state, it's an impressive East Coast waterway that is a must-see for any avid boater. Stroll along the water's edge or even charter a boat and enjoy time on the water. With eateries and restaurants nearby, a relaxing stop at the Southport Marina is a perfect way to end your day playing tourist in Southport.

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