Email Post to a Friend: 7 Ways to Better Organize Your Pantry

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Organize Kitchen PantryEven in large modern homes, the pantry is usually a pale shadow of what it was in historic times. Generally, there were two -- one for dry goods and one for food preparation. These days, you're lucky indeed if you have a walk-in pantry where you can organize cans, containers, jars, and whatnot for easy access. But even in a smaller space, you can employ some organizational tips that will help you make the most of what you have.

  1. Group similar things together.
    Grouping like items together makes sense for cutting down on the time you'll have to spend looking for them. Group all those boxes of tea; jellies, jams, and preserves; cans of beans; cans of soup; and bags and cans of coffee. 

  2. Place items you use the most in an easily accessible spot.
    If you use cinnamon every day on your oatmeal, you might want to forgo the strict alphabetical organization of the spices and just place the cinnamon and the five or six top spices you use most often in a prominent place in the bin or rack so you can easily grab them. The same goes for anything else you use in the pantry on a daily basis. No sense in having to rifle through the shelves and bins and racks every day looking for the stuff you use most frequently.

  3. Stock older stuff in front.
    If you buy multiples of items, be sure to stock the older supplies closer to the front where you will be sure to reach for them, rather than grabbing the newer stock and opening it first.

  4. Multiply small spaces.
    There are many tricks that can help you multiply small spaces, from using a lazy-susan in a corner, to hanging a tiered spice rack on a pantry door or a bigger rack for larger items. Baskets and bins are another way to hold and group things so you can make the most of the space you have.

  5. Use containers liberally.
    Containers are an indispensable way to organize your pantry items. Many people these days prefer glass over plastic or acrylic because of the presence of chemicals in these materials. Be sure that your containers are see-through so you can have a quick glance at the contents when you need to. Label all the contents, along with the date that they were stored. Watch out for deterioration of lids that might allow insects to invade. Containers should always be in good shape.

  6. Find a place to store small, frequently-used appliances.
    It's annoying to have to store all your small, frequently used appliances up in the cabinets so they're difficult to get to, but it's also messy to have them taking up space on the counter. Perhaps you can find a space in the kitchen or pantry shelves where they're all grouped together for easy access. Have your mixer, rice cooker, blender, or what have you on a shelf under the island or in a corner of a pantry shelf.

  7. Keep cleaning and organizing.
    No matter how well you organize your pantry, you'll need to revisit it occasionally, cleaning, reshuffling, and reorganizing, to keep things in good, accessible order. You'll likely need to toss old items that you never got around to using. You may also need to clean the shelves and redo the shelf paper occasionally. 

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