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Southport Homes Near Water

When you buy a home near the water, it can feel like a vacation every day. The smell of the sea, the sound of waves, beauty, serenity, and endless water recreation opportunities – there's nothing like it. However, having a home near the water is unique in many ways, and there are more factors to consider before choosing your dream home. Here are our real estate agents' tips for buying a home near the water.

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Wintertime brings a more subtle beauty to our part of the North Carolina Coast. The maritime forest and salt-marshes provide year-round habitat for many species of waterfowl, shorebirds, songbirds, and all sorts of migratory birds. The shortening days nudge us inside, while the residential neighborhoods light up with good cheer and colorful displays.

Hardwood Cuttings and the Christmas Bird Count

We've noticed that the Yaupon Holly and American Holly at our Southport office both have red berries at this time of year. They form an iconic Christmas backdrop that has the added benefit of feeding songbirds. This is also a good time to take hardwood cuttings of Yaupons and several other evergreens if you're so inclined. Our NC State University Ag Extension office gives detailed information here. It's a low-cost way to add more foundation plantings around your home and expand wildlife habitat!!

Speaking of songbirds, the Audubon Society conducts its annual Christmas Bird Count between Dec 14 and Jan 5. This early winter census is an important community science effort that's been collecting data for more than 100 years. Ornithologists and conservation biologists rely on it to monitor changes in population and migratory patterns over time. A summary of last year's North Carolina count can be found here.

A slightly different procedure is used again in February for the Great American Backyard Bird Count. The results of that count can be found here in list form.  If you are new to bird watching, or just curious to know more about the wildlife that surrounds you, these bird lists are a fantastic place to start! If you click through to our area's list on you'll find photos, videos, and audio clips of birds that stay with us year-round as well as seasonal visitors.

In December and January, we can look forward to some that are very distinctive: The Hooded Merganser, the Belted King Fisher and the Black Crowned Night Heron are water birds that favor the salt marshes and wetlands. The Norther Harrier is a medium sized hawk that soars over wetlands and open fields. The Yellow-Rumped Warbler, a visiting songbird, relies on holly and other berries during the winter. If you keep your eyes open you may even see a Painted Bunting, proving that wintertime here on the coast is anything but drab.

While we deeply miss the family gatherings, visits with neighbors, company parties, and community festivals that have always filled our hearts with Christmas cheer, the gifts of nature that surround us bouy our spirits as we look forward to being with you, in person, again soon.


A south-facing beach is an ideal spot to view the Christmas Star on this Winter Solstice Eve.

This year, on the eve of the winter solstice, the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be visible in the southeastern sky shortly after sunset. But this occurrence doesn't always happen on the longest night of the year, or even at night time. According to NASA, it's been 800 years since the last time it was observed in the early night sky, and some speculate that this same phenomenon may have been the Christmas Star describedin the story of the nativity. Find a place with a clear view of the southeast horizon shortly after sunset on December 21st for the most striking views. But don't worry if there's too much cloud cover. The convergence occurs gradually over the course of about a week.

For more information, including tips on photographing the night sky, click here


Southport 2021

Overlooking the mouth of the Cape Fear River near North Carolina's southernmost tip, Southport is a truly special and unique place to call home. Our real estate agents love its salty sea air and friendly Southern charm, but those are just a few of the reasons why you should consider finding your next home in Southport. Here are a few more.

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Holiday Decorating Brunswick CountyThe holiday season is upon us and one thing is for sure - this year is going to be a little bit different. With so many of us spending a lot of time indoors, there really couldn't be a better time to step up your holiday decorating game. After all, if you're going to spend so much time in your home, you might as well make it look good. Additionally, great holiday decor can serve as a much-needed mood booster at a time when many of us need it the most.

We were so inspired after seeing the holiday decorations at these Southport homes for sale that we decided to pull together some recommendations for how you can make your home a bit more festive this year:

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Winter is in the air. It's true that we don't see much in the way of snow down here on the North Carolina coast, but that doesn't lessen our holiday cheer one bit. Our real estate agents are always excited to help support local businesses here in Brunswick County. And with the holidays on the horizon, we thought we'd share some of our favorite local shops to find gifts for someone special on your list!

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