Email Post to a Friend: 5 Home Renovation Ideas Your Pets Will Love

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Did you know you can show your pet some love with your home improvement? Here are some home upgrade ideas perfect for your pet.

Family members come in different shapes and sizes. Some are two-legged others are four-legged. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 48 million U.S. households have dogs, and 31 million others have cats. With such figures, it's no wonder that many homeowners keep their furry family members in mind when renovating their homes. Considering Fido's or Fluffy's needs can provide a pampered environment that will make everyone happy. And if you decide to sell your home down the road, the improvements can appeal to pet lovers looking for Southport homes for sale. Here are 5 practical and visually appealing renovation ideas your pets will love.

  • Feeding Stations
    If you like having your pet eat in the kitchen along with everyone else, having a built-in feeding station is a great pet-friendly renovation idea. It's easy to bump into, knock or trip over bowls, or have wet food tracked through the kitchen if your pet is a messy eater. Having a built-in area for pet dishes looks stylish and helps keep the kitchen clean and feeding time organized.

    It's common for a special feeding center to be built under the kitchen cabinetry, but you can also create a small alcove off the kitchen if you have many pets or large dogs. Incorporate shelves and drawers for storing bowls, bags or pet food, and other pet supplies. If you want to go all out, install a faucet in the feeding station to make it easy to refill water bowls.

  • Dog Washing Stations
    If you're tired of hoisting Fido into a bathtub or laundry tub, this is truly a lifesaver. The fastest-growing trend on pet-friendly home renovations, dog washing stations are built to keep your pet comfortable during a bath and go easy on your back. Most stations look like a walk-in-shower stall but half the height. You can also install a sunken tub at counter height if you have a smaller breed. 

  • Cat Highways
    Cats love to climb and jump, so you have to give them places to do that if you don't want them climbing on your furniture. Adding ramps, tunnels, and walkways in one or many rooms make for a purr-fectly happy feline. Map out a highway that will get your cat up off the floor and take them all the way around the room. Try using a nice arrangement of large branches and wood planks, cat shelves, old furniture, decorative stools, scratching posts, and "on and off" ramps. 

  • Mudrooms
    The mudroom is an excellent place to renovate your home with your pet in mind. It can be useful for both humans and four-legged family members. Use shelves, cubbies, and hooks for quick access to items like dog leashes and collars, toys, treats, waste bags, towels, and coats. Also, think about wall and floor coverings that are not susceptible to water damage.

  • Built-In Beds
    With built-in beds, you can give your pet dedicated sleeping areas in different rooms without filling your home with crates. When designing a built-in bed, anchor the structure around the bed to the wall and floor. Keep the opening at least two times the standing height and width of your pet. Ensure the bottom material is sturdy and use hinged panels to make access for cleaning easy. Try to place the bed where your pet can feel connected to the action in the room.

When it comes to selling your house, our real estate agents can help highlight the pet-friendly features to attract buyers who plan to share the home with their four-legged family members. Contact us today to learn more.