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Not sure where to start your spring cleaning? Use this guide to clean fast and efficiently.

Spring is in the air in the Southport area, and you know what that means! It's time to shake off the dust and doldrums of winter, and get into some serious spring cleaning. Our real estate agents look forward to this all year!

We understand not everybody gets as excited about spring cleaning as we do, which is why our team is happy to share their expertise. Check out these tips and tricks to make your home spotless this spring!

One Room at a Time

Trying to clean your entire home can feel overwhelming, so it's important to start out in the right mindset to make it more manageable. First and foremost, break it down and tackle one room at a time. Second, you don't have to do it all in a day. If you want, you can spend the next several weekends cleaning a single room each day until the whole house sparkles. 

Clear the Clutter

Cleaning and de-cluttering are two different things, and before you get into the actual cleaning part of spring cleaning, it's a good idea to eliminate clutter. As you go through your home, analyze the clutter, identify problem areas, and break your belongings down into four categories: 

  • Put Away: Items that have a place in your home, but have been left out and need to be put away.
  • Give Away: Things you don't want that can go in a donation bin or be part of a future yard sale.
  • Store: Seasonal items (winter clothes, decorations, blankets) that need to go into storage.
  • Trash: Items that are ready to be tossed or recycled (old magazines, worn-out clothes, expired products). 

Top to Bottom

In each room of your home, the best strategy is to start at the top, and work your way down. Dust settles with help from gravity, so a top-down approach means less work for you. Start by cleaning the dust and cobwebs from your ceiling fans, and then work your way down to upper shelves, top cabinets, and whatever comes next until you finally reach the floor. 

Party Time

Cleaning is a lot more fun if you don't have to do it alone. It also goes much faster, so it pays to get the whole household involved. Crank your favorite tunes, maybe mix up some cleaning party cocktails (or non-alcoholic beverages if it's an all-ages cleaning party) and have fun while you clean!

Simplified Supplies

No need for crazy chemicals. The majority of surfaces in your home can be cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth and a mild, all-purpose cleaner. Opt for natural cleaning products as much as possible to minimize the amount of chemicals you introduce into your home. 

Make a List

It's not easy to remember every single nook and cranny in your house, which is why it helps to have a good spring cleaning checklist (like this printable checklist from Molly Maid). It helps you remember those easy-to-forget chores like:

  • Dusting light fixtures
  • Washing windows and walls
  • Cleaning the tops of cabinets
  • Emptying out the fridge
  • Washing the shower curtain and doormat
  • Hosing out garbage and recycling bins
  • Cleaning behind the washer and dryer

After many years in the real estate business, it should come as no surprise that we've learned a thing or two about making a house spotless! As always, our agents are happy to take a break from showing Southport homes for sale to share their tips and tricks for epic spring cleaning. 

Contact us today to learn more about life in the Southport area, and talk to our team about finding your dream home on the North Carolina coast.