Email Post to a Friend: Make Your Foyer A Showstopper With These Tips

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Make the right first impression with a show-stopping foyer by using these pro tips.

If our real estate agents have learned anything over our many years in the business, it's that first impressions are everything. That means your foyer has a big job to do.

Foyers tend to have a lot of room for furniture and decor, which means you have an abundance of possibilities — but also some hard choices to make. Whether you're getting ready to list your Southport home for sale or just want to wow your guests, these tips will turn your foyer into a showstopper.

Foyer Table Ideas

A table in your entryway us a unique touch that provides an endless array of options. Round tables and consoles are good choices and can be nestled in a corner or against a wall. Vases, candle holders, house plants, and other accents can add a little extra flair too. A foyer bench like this one offers similar possibilities, and if your foyer has enough room, you could even use a round table as a centerpiece. It fills the space and can make a vast foyer feel more welcoming and less intimidating to guests.

Creative and Functional Foyer Storage

Remember that your foyer has to be functional as well as decorative. Storage options for coats, shoes, and other essentials can be useful decor elements that also add a dash of style to your foyer. Coat hooks alone come in an incredible range of styles, from whimsical monogrammed hooks to this rustic railroad spike-inspired coat rack. Bins and crates offer a lot of creative storage options too, and a funky umbrella stand is always a welcome addition.

Make Use of Wall Space

If your foyer has a lot of open wall space, get creative with it! Mirrors are popular, and great for checking your outfit before you leave the house. Choose one with a border that goes with your foyer's overall aesthetic. Framed artwork and photos can also transform a wall in your foyer into a welcoming gallery wall. Another option is to pick out a fun, funky wallpaper to add some design flair to your foyer, even if you only use it on a single wall.

Foyer Floor Options

If you're ready to go beyond decorating and get into a real DIY remodeling project, consider redoing your foyer floors. After all, floors have a lot to do with the personality of your foyer — and your whole house for that matter. For example, a tiled entryway gives your home an elegant, old-world ambiance, while this rustic barn wood foyer floor creates a charming cottage-like vibe. Throw rugs and welcome mats offer a lot of potential too.

Have Fun With Foyer Lighting

Lighting has huge potential to transform your foyer, making it feel warmer and more welcoming. If you have the option of allowing natural light in through a windowed door or a door with sidelights, that's a great way to go. But creative lighting fixtures and lamps can also improve the lighting while adding a decorative touch. From mounting sconces on your walls in key areas to hanging a chandelier (as long as your ceiling is high enough), there are a lot of great ways to play with light.

Contact us today to learn more about transforming your foyer and other home decor and staging tips that can help you sell your home more quickly (or maybe help you enjoy living there a little more). Our team at Margaret Rudd & Associates is always eager to help!