Email Post to a Friend: Breath New Life Into Your Family Photos

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We all want family photos that aren't cluttered together, but it can be challenging. Here are some tips for stunning family photo displays.

What makes a home a home? Is it the furniture, the curb appeal, or the market value? Really, there's only one thing that makes a home what it is: the people who live in it. As you move from house to house throughout your life, each one of those places is still your home, even though you may be states away from the house you grew up in. That's because your home is where you and your family are. And what better way to demonstrate that than by putting up photos of the people who mean the most to you. But nailing up a picture here and there doesn't always make for a great display. Our real estate agents have some pro tips for making your family photo displays the best they can be.

Vertical and Horizontal Orientation

This first tip is a simple one to start sparking your imagination to all the ways you can display your photos. A couple, vertically oriented photos side by side may display those pictures functionally, but stylistically they do nothing to draw people in for a closer look. Try making a small gallery of vertical and horizontal photos, putting the whole display together like a puzzle. This creates visual interest from far back and will draw you and guests to what's most important — the photos.

Gallery Wall

This is a big and bold option, but why should that be a problem for family photos? Choose a wall that can serve as a focal point for that room, such as in the dining room or living room. You'll want to get large prints and frames for your family photos, or else the effect doesn't really work. Getting frames of the same color usually works best, especially if you play them off of the colors and decor already in the room. Then, fill the wall with your photos and enjoy your own home gallery.

Snapshot Collage

This one is the complete opposite of the staged, photo-perfect family portraits. Select some family photos from vacations and other trips or special moments, preferably ones you took yourself, and have them arranged into an even collage (squares work nicely). This collage can work in a frame, but a canvas print can better sell the look. You can even get multiple collages to fill out the space of a long wall.

One Large Print

This option requires you have one photo you're really attached to (hint: it works best if it includes multiple family members and some scenery). If you've ever been to an art museum and been stunned by a huge, breathtaking painting — that's the effect we're going for. A large photo print can be enjoyed from anywhere in the room, and it requires one photo, so this can be a good option if you're less savvy with organizing lots of frames.

Displaying family photos doesn't have to be hard. Just remember frames and mediums play a role in the display of the photos, almost as much as the subjects of the pictures. Your local framing store may have some ideas to help you get started as well. If you want to frame photos for staging among Southport homes for sale, contact us today and we'll help you set up decor that sells.