Email Post to a Friend: Here's Why You Should Visit Bald Head Island

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Bald Head Island is the perfect destination for adventure, relaxation, and finding your dream home. Here are the best things to do.

There's always so much to do on the water. Whether you like surfing, relaxing on the beach, or hiking through breathtaking scenery, Bald Head Island is the perfect destination no matter what you love to do. If you're looking at Bald Head Island homes for sale, you might as well make a trip out of the day and explore these spots and activities our real estate agents recommend.

  • Take In The History
    Bald Head Island has a rich history dating back centuries, and you can experience it all with different tours from The Old Baldy Foundation. Their Island Wide Tour is a two-hour comprehensive ride around the island, all aboard a golf cart. Learn about pirates, the U.S. Lighthouse Service, and how the island transformed into the stunning locale it is today. The Old Baldy Foundation also offers a Civil War for history buffs and hosts scavenger hunts for the really adventurous families.

  • Relax On The Beach
    Bald Head Island has 14 miles of picturesque beaches, so whether you're looking for the thrill of surfing or the calm of lying out on the sand, there's always a spot to fit your needs. You can rent all the beach equipment you could want from Riverside Adventure Company, so there's fretting about hauling your chairs and umbrellas to and from the island.

  • Kayak On The Creeks
    If you want to paddle and explore the waters around Bald Head Island, the BHI Conservancy offers guided kayak and canoe tours that are perfect for all ages. Not only will you take in the beautiful scenery, but you'll also learn from the Conservancy's naturalists about the local foliage and fauna.

  • Finish The Day With A Delicious Dinner
    After your adventures on the island, the perfect way to wind down is with a mouth-watering meal from one of the local restaurants, like Delphina Coastal Cuisine. Delphina serves up Mexican-inspired breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that have Spanish and Cuban twists. Or if you'd like to cool off, The Wisp offers domestic and imported wine and beer, so you can sip next to the soothing riverside view.

This is only a small selection of all the exciting things to do on Bald Head Island. Contact us to learn more about the area and how you can find your dream home.