Email Post to a Friend: 6 Decorating Tips To Transform Your Window Sills

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Who said your window sills have to be bland and boring? These tips will make them shine.

If you have deep window sills, you have the perfect spot to increase your home's functionality and extend your decor. Although often overlooked, window sills are a great place to explore design ideas.

Our real estate agents love imagining how different Southport homes for sale can be decorated. Here are their tips for using your window sills to get a little more out of your decor.

  1. Display Holiday Decor
    When the holidays arrive, your window sills provide a great space for festive holiday decorations. You can use your window sills to display small Christmas trees or wreaths, twinkling lights, Thanksgiving pumpkins and candles, or flags on the 4th of July. If you're throwing a party, you can fill your window sills with snacks, party favors, or presents for guests.

  2. Grow Herbs For Your Kitchen
    If you're kitchen windows get natural light throughout the day, you can grow a variety of herbs and vegetables that will flourish, even during the winter months. Even if they don't, you can get some grow lights to help herbs and veggies along. They are available at most home improvement stores and nurseries in a variety of designs, so you might find one that fits your kitchen decor flawlessly.

  3. Display Your Favorite Reads
    Window sills provide a great place to display your favorite books, especially if you're an avid reader with limited editions or special collections. Whether it's in your family room, master bedroom, or kitchen, books on display provide convenient access for reading, as well as a visual appeal from vibrant colors and textures on bindings.

  4. Create a Window Garden
    Live plants and greenery add natural beauty and oxygen to indoor spaces. Window sills provide the perfect place for sunlight and fresh air that is necessary for healthy plant growth. By decorating your window sills with clay pots, glass jars, or colorful containers and baskets, you can showcase your green thumb and add organic design appeal to your home. Succulents can be the best option if you want the least amount of maintenance.

  5. Collage Your Family Photos
    If you have a lot of family photos, window sills are a great place to showcase groups of framed photos in various frame styles, colors, and sizes. You can create eye-catching displays, collages, or even theme a group of photos together. You can also rotate out sets of photos to keep the same functionality but change up the look.

  6. Design a Place To Relax
    If you have 2 to 3 feet deep sills, you might think this space a nuisance. But these deep sills make it easy to design a comfortable sitting nook where you can enjoy your morning coffee, curl up with your favorite book, or seat guests at parties. Depending on where the window is located in your home, you could make it entirely your own space or one that should be shared with the whole family.

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