Email Post to a Friend: How To Decorate Your Breakfast Bar With These 5 Tips

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Your breakfast bar can act as the perfect centerpiece for your kitchen. Learn how with these decorating tips.

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Whether it be for cooking, socializing, or unwinding after work, the kitchen is often the heart of the home. That's why the design and decor in your kitchen are so important. You won't want to spend time in a room you think looks cluttered or bland, and you won't get the most enjoyment out of it if you don't like how it looks. One easy way to change up your kitchen is by decorating your breakfast bar. Our real estate agents love when Southport homes for sale have breakfast bars, especially when they're decorated. Here are ideas you can use to decorate your breakfast bar.

  1. New Lighting
    What's above the breakfast bar is just as important as what's on it. The right fixtures can make a difference in any room, and the same holds true for your breakfast bar. Look for fixtures that stylistically match other fixtures in your kitchen, like your sink and drawer pulls. That should narrow your search and lead you to something that flows with the rest of the kitchen but helps make the breakfast bar stand out.

  2. Repurpose Your Fruit Bowl
    If you don't keep your fruit bowl on your breakfast bar, or if you don't have a fruit bowl at all, this is the perfect opportunity for a decoration that's fun and functional. The breakfast bar is the perfect location for a fruit bowl since the bar is designed for morning meals. You want something that can flow with your interior design and decor, but you can also get something that really pops if you want to make the fruit bowl the centerpiece of the bar.

  3. Start A Mini Garden
    If you love flowers, they make a great centerpiece for your breakfast bar, especially for contrasting modern kitchens with a splash of color. Another option is to grow some herbs on the breakfast bar. These may require more attention than flowers, but they'll be convenient for your cooking while adding an earthiness to your kitchen decor.

  4. Get Creative
    You can put out artwork or other creative decor to fill in your breakfast bar if you have the room for it. One idea is to keep the art kitchen themed, for example putting out vintage milk bottles or wooden cooking utensils. Paintings of fruit can also be a good option. As long as there's still space to enjoy the breakfast bar, the right creative touch can completely transform the space.

  5. Celebrate Your Family
    Why hide your family photos away in the living room corner when they can be front and center in your kitchen? Cooking is usually a family activity, so it makes sense to make that connection between using your decor. That way you and your guests can reminisce about family memories while enjoying home-cooked food.

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