Email Post to a Friend: Local Businesses On Howe Street You Have To Visit

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Local businesses are one of the best ways to get to know a place. Here are Howe Street staples you should visit in Southport.

One of our real estate agents' favorite things to do in Southport is perusing the many great local businesses in the city. Local business is often one of the biggest factors that makes a place unique, with one-of-a-kind products, and more importantly one-of-a-kind people you just can't find anywhere else. This is true for Southport, and the best place you can see this for yourself is on Howe Street. Cutting straight through the heart of Southport before finishing right on the water, Howe Street is the perfect display of what makes Southport so great to the people who live here. And if you're in the mood for shopping or just for finding something new, look no further than these uniquely Southport businesses.

Southport Cheese Shoppe - 417 N Howe Street

Not many people can say they've been to a store dedicated entirely to cheese, which is why you have to stop into Southport Cheese Shoppe. They carry nearly 50 fine cheeses from around the world, so whether you want something smooth and buttery or a little funky, they'll have just the cheese for you. This Southport staple carries more than just cheese though — they have spreads, honey, jams, balsamic vinegar, and imported olive oil, so you can spruce up your cooking endeavors in a number of ways. You'll also find a variety of Italian meats that pair perfectly with your cheese selection.

Spike's Dairy Bar - 201 N Howe Street

If you're itching to satisfy your sweet tooth, Spike's Dairy Bar may be the place to go. They serve delicious soft serve as well as locally homemade ice cream, shakes, floats, and more. Unlike what you might find in the supermarket, Spike's Dairy Bar is meticulous in its ingredient selection, so you have only the best ice cream experience. You can't go wrong with the classics like chocolate or vanilla, but if you want something a little more adult, try out the mocha cappuccino ice cream.

Silver Coast Winery - 105 S Howe Street

What could be better than sipping some wine and then taking an evening stroll on the beach? Silver Coast Winery wouldn't stay in business without the amazing work of award-winning winemaker Dana Keeler. This expertise and experimentation leads to some of the most robust and delicious European-style wines. You can take a tour of the production facility and enjoy a daily tasting of your choice. If you're viewing Southport homes for sale, this is a great way to cap off the night.

Angelwing Needle Arts - 507 N Howe Street

If you're into crafts, you have to stop by Angelwing Needle Arts. They specialize in everything needlework, so you'll find tools and supplies for knitting, needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting, and more. Their assortments are wide and top of the line, and their expert staff can help you regardless if you're a knitting master or you just started. There's no need to visit a chain retailer for your hobby needs when you can support Southport locals and receive the best service this city has to offer.

These are just a handful of the wonderful things you can experience on Howe Street. For More information on local businesses as well as help buying and selling homes in the Southport area, contact us today.