Email Post to a Friend: The Most Common Living Room Makeover Mistakes

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The living room can be a difficult space to organize. Here are the most common mistakes to avoid.

Your living room is one of the focal points of your home, and probably one of the most lived-in rooms, after the kitchen. This makes it important to decorate in ways that are both functional and attractive, yet our real estate agents see a lot of homes that fail at achieving either one. As you're decorating your home or staging it to sell, make sure you don't make these common decorating mistakes.

  • Not taking your lifestyle into consideration.
    As you're decorating, it's important to keep in mind how your living room will be used. Do you have kids and pets? If so, you'll probably want to skip the showroom look and instead opt for sturdy, easy to care for furnishings and decor. Do you enjoy hosting and frequently have people over for dinner parties or to watch football games? If so, you'll want to ensure you have plenty of comfortable seating, including some flexible seating like stools and ottomans.

  • Ignoring comfort.
    One of your living room's primary functions should be a place where you, your family, and your guests can relax. It's hard to do that if your living room is filled with uncomfortable furniture or feels too much like a show room. Instead, cultivate an inviting look with simple lines, comfortable furniture, and welcoming touches such as throw blankets and pillows.

  • Failing to measure.
    An important part of every room is actually the space around the furniture and the visual balance it creates, so it's important not to over-fill your living room. Measure the room before you go shopping, and then before making any purchases, measure the furniture and go home to set up painter's-tape outlines of all the furniture on the floor. This will help give you a visual of how the furniture will look, so you can make sure it won't be too crowded.

  • Limiting your lighting.
    One common mistake people make with their living rooms is to have only one source of light in the room, usually an overhead light. Another mistake is to use harsh lighting. The most put-together living rooms are finished with layered lightings that allow for all the different styles of lighting you might need. Overhead lighting might be one, but you also need the softer glow of ambiance lighting, as well as task lighting for reading.

  • Failing to corral your clutter.
    Daily life creates clutter, and there's very little we can do to prevent it. We can, however, decorate in a way that gives the clutter somewhere to go. Plan a system of shelves, bins, and possibly a storage ottoman to keep these items organized and out of sight. This is especially important for Southport homes for sale, as you'll want to keep your house relatively clutter-free when it comes time to sell.

  • Leaving your wires exposed.
    Nothing is as big an eyesore and a distraction from a well-decorated living room than wires trailing everywhere. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for disguising or hiding your wires. Many devices can now connect wirelessly, eliminating the wire mess almost entirely. When wires can't be eliminated, hide them or at least keep them neat and out of sight with cable ties.

Whether you're staging your home to sell it, or it's just time for a new look, minding these details will help you plan the perfect living room. For more tips on staging your home for sale, or to start the search for your dream home, contact us today.