Email Post to a Friend: Avoid These Hosting Mistakes This Holiday Season

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Most of us haven't hosted a party in a while. Here are some mistakes you want to be sure to avoid this holiday season.

With holiday parties, dinners, and gatherings rapidly approaching, it's time to think about your hosting plans. Our real estate agents recommend a little preparation to ensure your get-together is a fun, memorable event. Here are some holiday hosting mistakes to avoid. 

  1. Having a Large, Distracting Centerpiece
    A holiday centerpiece is an essential part of your holiday tablescape. However, you don't want your centerpiece to overwhelm your table or keep your guests from being able to see one another.

    See that your centerpiece is lower than eye level so that it doesn't obscure anyone's view. Guests should be able to freely talk and interact without having to turn around or crane their necks. 
  1. Setting Up Your Bar Right Beside Your Food
    It might seem like your bar should be situated beside your food or serving area. Most of the time, this arrangement puts too much traffic in one area. Guests have to squeeze through to get by, and it takes longer for everyone to get what they need.

    Instead, set your bar up in an area away from your food. Your home's entryway, living room, or dining room are a few possibilities that spread your guests out and offer another spot for conversation. 
  1. Serving a Limited Menu
    To make sure that there's something for everyone to enjoy, serve a menu with a variety of offerings. Try to incorporate a couple of options for vegetarians, people following a keto diet, anyone who needs dairy-free food, and guests who need to eat gluten-free food.

    This guideline also applies to your drink menu. Make sure to have non-alcoholic options and a few low-sugar beverages for your guests. 
  1. Overestimating Your Capabilities
    It's admirable that you want to serve a menu full of delicious holiday food, but don't overexert yourself. You don't want to have to devote so much time and energy to your party that you're not able to enjoy yourself.

    Avoid any dishes that will require a lot of prep work during your event. Consider simplifying your menu (or even utilizing a catering service) to make sure your preparations before your gathering aren't too stressful. 
  1. Turning Your Thermostat Up Too High
    You want your guests to be comfortable and cozy while they mingle, but it's important to remember that having a lot of people in one room will create a lot of body heat.

    Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees, and keep an eye on your home's temperature during your gathering. If you see guests sweating or fanning themselves, turn the temperature down a little more and open a window. 
  1. Forgetting to Prep Your Home's Outside Spaces
    Much like when you add your home to the list of Southport homes for sale, it's essential to prepare your home's outdoor spaces when hosting a gathering. Check that your driveway and sidewalk are clear of debris, and arrange your vehicles to accommodate your guests. See that your exterior lights are working properly. Add a few extra seats so that guests are able to sit while they enjoy the fresh air.

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