Email Post to a Friend: Make An Impact In 2022 With The Colors Of The Year

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The colors of the year have arrived,  so start prepping how you can revolutionize your home using color in 2022.

One of the favorite things our real estate agents look forward to at the end of the year is when the colors of the year get announced. Each year, the top paint companies task their interior design experts with predicting what colors will be trendy in the new year. They don't just pick colors at random either — they look at everything from past trends to current events to decide colors that not only look good but colors that you'll be happy with. Here's what they chose:

Breezeway by Behr

This calming color by Behr evokes nature without being too bold of a change in your home. Breezeway was inspired by sea glass you might find on the beach, and it pairs nicely with whites, grays, and natural wood. So if you want a color to relax to after a long day at work, or you need a color to energize you on a Saturday morning, Breezeway may be the perfect pick.

Laurel Leaf by Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens has chosen Laurel Leaf for its color of the year — a dusty green shade reminiscent of eucalyptus leaves. Since people spent more time in outdoor spaces like their backyards and parks during the pandemic, Laurel Leaf brings some outside indoors. It pairs well with creamy whites, beiges, light to medium wood tones, and leafy house plants. Try using it as a backdrop in a dining room, where it adds sophistication, or in a bedroom, where it brings a touch of relaxation.

Guacamole by Glidden

With a name like Guacamole, this color of the year choice by Glidden says all it needs to about how it can transform your home. While it screams avocado, you don't need to be a foodie to enjoy this color in your dining room, study, or bedroom. It brings an organic feel wherever you use it, and you can contrast it with white or blonde furniture and decor.

Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams

If you're looking for a darker shade of green, consider Evergreen Fog from Sherwin-Williams. This organic, friendly mid-tone green can liven up an entryway, kitchen, or bedroom. It's sophisticated and vibrant yet calming at the same time. Evergreen Fog pairs with earthy tones like brown or beige, so natural wood can be the perfect compliment. 

Aleutian by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

Aleutian, the 2022 Color of the Year from HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams, is a shade of washed-out indigo that evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation. The color invokes rest with its warm undertone, which makes it appropriate throughout the home. It serves as the foundation for Softened Refuge, a larger color collection with ten complementary hues. Because Aleutian pairs nicely with any of the colors in the collection, it should be easy to pair another color with it.

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