Email Post to a Friend: Check Off These Home Improvement Tasks In The New Year

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If you're looking for new ways to enhance your home in 2022, try completing these home improvement tasks for your New Year's resolutions.

New Year's resolutions can be challenging to keep, especially when we seem to be busier than ever. We get that, particularly if it involves going on a diet or hitting the gym more frequently. But resolutions don't have to be strictly personal — they can involve your home too! It's even possible to improve something that would boost the value of your home among Southport homes for sale.

Our real estate agents have some fabulous suggestions if that's what you're looking for. January is already well underway, but don't let that stop you. These resolutions are fine to embark on any time of the year.

  1. Create A Home Office
    Many of us have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic; however, if you're still setting up your laptop at your dining room table, it's time to start thinking about your home office. Even if you don't have an extra bedroom, there are many places you can build a home office. These could all be suitable options if you have unused space under the stairs, in the corner of the basement, or in the upstairs hallway. You can invest in a desk that fits and matches the space, a comfortable chair, and some basic office decor. Remember, home offices are critical selling points these days.

  2. Improve your indoor air quality.
    Most people don't know that the air in their homes is much more polluted than what's outside. It's all about tight home construction, which doesn't allow for much ventilation, particularly when the house is closed up for cold weather. The ideal solution is a dedicated ventilation system that brings in fresh air and expels stale air, but not everyone has that option. Here are some alternatives:

    - Opt for a better quality furnace filter than you've been using, preferably pleated, as cheap fiberglass filters do nothing for air quality
    - Acquire a portable air purifier
    - Avoid burning polluting paraffin wax candles; go for soy instead

  3. Create an outdoor space.
    Maybe you've already discovered how much fun it can be to spend more time outdoors — even if it's in your backyard or on your patio. Your backyard getaway can be elaborate if you choose (outdoor kitchen with shiny new appliances) or simple (a gas grill). Surface the area with brick, stone, or concrete (think about adding texture and color to imitate stone). Include elements that extend your home's architecture or style. Decorate with weatherproof furniture, container plants, and planting beds.

  4. Reimagine rooms by moving furniture and wall decor.
    You don't have to go out and buy all new furniture and furnishings. You can freshen things up by rearranging them. If you're not that swift at seeing how else your furniture might look if you moved things around, ask a friend with a good eye for decorating to help you.

  5. Boost your home's front yard curb appeal.
    This project can be done economically, especially if you're fit and can do some of the heavy lifting. Some options include painting the front door a unique color that surprises but that also complements the exterior, acquiring distinctive outdoor furniture for the front porch, and carving a garden bed out of the lawn. For a stellar garden, build up the soil with compost and mulch, and add a few perennial plants for long-term anchoring of the garden. Annuals can also enliven the works by planting them in front of shrubs, around trees, or in planters. 

For more suggestions on how to get the most out of your home, contact us today.