Email Post to a Friend: Water Monitors And Other Tech That Can Help Save Money

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Smart technology can save you money in the long run. Here are the devices you should integrate into your home.

Want to reduce your home's utility expenses, but feel like you don't have the time or energy to make your goal a success? Invest in smart home technology that helps you save money and monitor your home expenditures!

Our real estate agents know that adding a few pieces of technology can make a significant difference in your ongoing utility expenses. Here are a few tech additions that will help you save money and reduce your home's energy and water consumption.

  1. A Smart Water Monitor
    A smart water monitor is an excellent option to painlessly lower your home's water usage without having to sacrifice your nightly bath or turn your showering time into a speed session.

    The monitoring device attaches to your home's main water line. It then checks your plumbing each day for leaks that are sending your money down the drain. Catching leaks and drips in their early stages also helps you fix these issues before they turn into more expensive projects.

    You'll use your phone to receive and examine information about your home's water usage. Since you're receiving real-time information, you can see how multiple small loads of laundry, watering your garden, and filling your children's water toys really impact your water bill. 
  1. A Smart Thermostat
    It makes little sense to spend money heating or cooling your home to a comfortable temperature when you're away. However, few people enjoy coming home to a space that's freezing cold or hot and stuffy after a long day.

    With a smart thermostat, you can remotely change your home's temperature or even schedule the temperature to adjust on its own. You can also pair many smart thermostats with smart shades and fans to more effectively control the temperature in your home.

    An added benefit of installing a smart thermostat is that your home will be more appealing to potential buyers if you add it to the inventory of Southport homes for sale. 
  1. Smart Plugs
    Know that you need to be more vigilant about unplugging devices and small appliances that can act as "energy vampires"? Adding smart plugs to your electrical outlets makes it easy to turn devices off or cut the power to them when they're not being used.

    Or, if you leave home and realize that you left a lamp on, you can use the smart plug's coordinating app to turn it off. It's also possible to put your devices on a schedule so that they automatically turn off or on at specific times.
  1. A Smart Sprinkler System
    If you feel like you never know when your lawn or gardens need to be watered, a smart sprinkler system will remove the guesswork from calculating how much water your landscaping needs.

    Smart sprinkler systems will make weather-based adjustments to your watering schedule so that you don't overwater your grass or plants. They'll also help you avoid under or overwatering your landscaping because you aren't sure how much water your sprinkler system really puts out.

    Or, if you have a certain species that needs more water than the rest of your landscaping, you can set the system up so that it waters that specific area with greater frequency.

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