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Selling a home for the best price is tricky to pull off. Here's how you can ensure you sell at the price you want.

Sooner or later, most homeowners will face selling their home and moving elsewhere. Many life situations can necessitate the sale of a home — change of jobs, marriage, divorce, retirement, or simply the quest for a "dream home." Regardless of the reason, you may be contemplating listing your home among Southport homes for sale.

Our real estate agents have some helpful tips about selling your home for the price you want. 

  1. Get your home ready to show.
    Prepare your home, inside and out. Starting with the outside, clean up weeds, limbs, and debris in flower beds, and add mulch to make the beds look neat. Add a few container plants to the front entrance or a seasonal wreath. Clean up around the curb and driveway.

    Inside, paint the walls a neutral color. Remove photographs or other personal touches and put them away. Take out some furniture for an uncrowded look. You can add a few decorative items, such as a vase of cut flowers or a few plants, but anything that bespeaks more intimately the occupants of the home should go away. Make sure the house is spic and span — clean from top to bottom and reduce clutter.

  2. Do your homework.
    You want to go into the process of selling your home armed with good information. Talk to neighbors, asking how much recent sales have been for. Find out how your home compares to the ones that sold. Do your research on the internet so that when you talk to real estate agents and potential buyers, you have a good idea of what's happening in your neighborhood. Study the market, keeping abreast of current trends.

  3. Make quick repairs.
    Don't undertake big home repair projects unless there is a problem so profound that it's going to severely impact the sale of the home. (Foundation? Roof? HVAC broken? Think carefully about making these huge repairs or whether you should discount the home accordingly.) In most instances, you'll just do minor projects: touch up paint, fix plumbing leaks, make sure door knobs and handles, drawer pulls, and cabinet handles are in place, and clean carpet stains.

  4. Hire the right real estate agent.
    Find a real estate agent who knows your neighborhood. Ask friends, neighbors, relatives, and work colleagues to recommend someone. You can also search for experienced agents online. An experienced agent with a good track record can really move the sale, making sure everything proceeds seamlessly. They can help with staging, the photographs that will make your home look appealing to buyers, and with the closing details.

  5. Price your home to sell.
    Be realistic about how much your home is worth and ask for a fair price. Asking too much can stall the sale. If you're in a hurry, you may want to go a little lower. You'll be creating a more competitive selling situation.

  6. Offer some concessions.
    If your sale is stalling, you can move it along by throwing in some "sweeteners," such as paying some or all closing costs. A transferable home warranty might also have some appeal in that discounting repairs and replacements for household systems and appliances can help a buyer feel more protected.

  7. Check your emotions.
    It's easy to get caught up in the emotional aspect of selling your home. It's far better to think of yourself as a businessperson, and the sale, as your business transaction. There'll be time after the sale is concluded to grieve about the home you are moving out of.

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