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Southport is full of creativity and artistic expression. These are the spots to see Southport art on display.

Whether you're searching for a new home or making improvements to your existing residence, creativity helps you open your mind and expand your problem-solving skills. Tap into your creative side by visiting some of Southport's top destinations for art, music, and crafts. Our real estate agents suggest exploring these inspired spots in the Southport area.

  • The Artshak
    Located at 822 N Howe St., The Artshak is filled with a variety of visually appealing art, including paintings, pottery, photography, jewelry, accessories, home decor, and sculptures. The pieces are available for purchase, allowing you to support local small businesses and artists.

    Spend time enjoying all that The Artshak has to offer, or pick up a few pieces to add an artistic touch to your home. 
  • Franklin Square Gallery
    Franklin Square Gallery is located in the historic district of downtown Southport at 130 E. West Street. The gallery is run by artists and hosts regular events, including art shows, art classes, workshops, art history lectures, and charity events. Over 100 artists display their work at Franklin Square Gallery.

    Take a break from touring Southport homes for sale and visit the gallery on the first Friday of every month for music and other entertainment, along with a chance to meet and chat with some of the artists who have their work on display. 
  • The Amuzu Theatre
    The Amuzu Theatre is a family-owned business in Southport with a variety of shows and performances, including stand-up comedians, musical shows, and movie viewings.

    Many films have used The Amuzu Theatre as a filming location, including the famous 90's slasher flick "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Visit The Amuzu Theatre at 111 N. Howe St. 
  • Angelwing Needle Arts
    Check out Angelwing Needles Arts at 507 N. Howe St. for everything that you need to learn or enhance your needlework skills. This fun craft store sells supplies and patterns for knitting, needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery, and quilting. 
  • The Pub of Southport
    The Pub of Southport is more than just a place to relax with friends while you enjoy traditional Irish cuisine and a glass of ice-cold craft beer. Located at 1513 N. Howe St. at Suite 10, The Pub frequently hosts live bands. Sit back with a whiskey, beer, or bourbon, and let the music inspire your creativity.

In addition to its gorgeous natural scenery and delicious restaurants, Southport is home to a number of creative spots that appeal to a variety of interests.

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