Email Post to a Friend: The Best Reasons To Move To Southport

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Looking for a fresh start in an amazing community? Look no further than Southport NC.

While upwards of 50,000 people travel to Southport each year, our real estate agents know that this charming city is much more than a popular tourist destination. The town is full of gorgeous natural scenery and Southern charm, in addition to a high quality of life for its residents. Here are a few of the best reasons to make the move to Southport.

  1. Southport Has a Warm Climate
    If you're tired of dealing with chilly winter temperatures and unfavorable winter weather, Southport is a terrific spot to call home. The city is North Carolina's warmest city.

    During the summer, the days often boast high temperatures and high humidity levels. Summer in Southport is the perfect time to cool off with a refreshing ocean dip.

    The winter months are mild and usually have average temperatures in the 40s. Snow and ice are rare in Southport. Throughout the year, the city has an average of 100 sunny days. Choose one of these sunny days to explore Southport homes for sale.
  1. Southport Offers Multiple Options for Recreation
    There are a slew of activities to try out in Southport, and the mild weather means that many of these activities are outside. Some popular outdoor hobbies for Southport residents include kayaking, sailing, fishing, golfing, hiking, and swimming.

    If you're a history enthusiast, Southport is full of historically significant events from the Colonial times that you can learn more about. You can also visit historic landmarks, including Fort Johnson, which is now the town's Museum and Visitor Center.

    There are also numerous art, music, and food festivals that take place within driving distance of Southport.
  1. Southport is Full of Natural and Manmade Beauty
    Southport is located where the Cape Fear River meets the Atlantic Ocean; this means that you have beautiful river and ocean views throughout the city. There are also lakes, creeks, marshes, and forests that offer fantastic scenery.

    Many neighborhoods in Southport include vintage-style antique stores, cafes with locally sourced food, and homes with historic architecture,  all of which add character and charm to the town.
  1. Southport Offers a Fantastic Quality of Life
    Residents of Southport have the distinction of living in one of the country's happiest seaside towns. The small-town environment creates a cozy, inviting atmosphere that many residents love. The cost of living is affordable in Southport, helping you make the most of your income. Compared to the national average, the cost of living in Southport is 1 percent less. Property in Southport is affordable; homes tend to be 10 percent lower than the national average.

    Families with school-age children appreciate the fact that Southport has a solid public education system with low teacher-to-student ratios, strong graduation rates, and multiple course options for students to choose from.

    Southport is also a highly walkable city, a trait that's rare in many cities. It's possible to live without a car in Southport, and the city has even embraced new traffic patterns that make the city more pedestrian-friendly. Having the option to walk to many of their daily destinations allows residents to reduce their transportation costs and live more active lifestyles.

Southport has a unique combination of characteristics that make it an excellent spot for individuals seeking to relocate. Ready to find your Southport home? Contact us to get started!