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Southport has an abundance of interesting sights. Here's where you can capture them forever with your camera.

Attention, shutterbugs! Southport, NC is a great place for sightseeing, and our little corner of the Carolina coast has a landscape like no other, with lots of great local sights for photographers to capture. 

Whether you're building your portfolio or looking for Insta-worthy selfie spots, our real estate agents are here to help. These are our favorite scenic spots to practice your photography skills in the Southport area!

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Shallotte, NC - Brunswick County Association of Realtors

Brunswick County's residential real estate market remained competitive in July, with fewer homes sold, fewer new listings, higher prices, an uptick in the absorption rate, and homes continuing to sell quickly and at 99% of list price on average.

"Our market remains highly competitive thanks to strong demand paired with fewer new listings and a historically low inventory of available homes," said Cynthia Walsh, BCAR CEO. "While we saw fewer homes sold in July compared to last year, we have a healthy number of pending listings, and the absorption rate increased for the first time in months. Buyers would highly benefit from working with one of our professional REALTORS® to navigate this competitive market."

Brunswick County saw $216,760,000 in total sales volume in July 2022, a 14.3% decrease from last July's $252,900,000. The average sales price increased 3.9%, from $430,096 to $446,937. New listings were down 14.1%, from 681 to 585. The number of units sold in July dropped 17.5% compared to last year, from 588 to 485, and homes spent an average of 26 days on the market. The absorption rate, which is the amount of time it would take to sell all available inventory, is up to 2 months for the first time since January 2021. Sellers received 99% of their list price in July on average. Brunswick County's luxury market remained strong in July with 25 sales of $1 million or more, with the highest transaction at $2,550,000.

Year-to-date sales volume through July is $1,508,960,000, down 2.7% from $1,551,369,429 last year. Average sales prices for the year are 16.1% higher than 2021, increasing from $379,353 to $440,574. The number of units sold through July is down 18.1%, from 4,073 to 3,335, and the number of new listings is down 9%, from 4,453 to 4,053.

Brunswick County

  • New Listings
    • July 2022: 585
    • July 2021: 681
    • Increase/Decrease: -14.1%
  • Units Sold
    • July 2022: 485
    • July 2021: 588
    • Increase/Decrease: -17.5%
  • Average Sales Price
    • July 2022: $446,937
    • July 2021: $430,096
    • Increase/Decrease: +3.9%
  • Median Sales Price
    • July 2022: $364,990
    • July 2021: $342,602
    • Increase/Decrease: +6.5%
  • Total Sales Volume
    • July 2022: $216,760,000
    • July 2021: $252,900,000
    • Increase/Decrease: -14.3%

Bladen County

  • New Listings
    • July 2022: 10
    • July 2021: 10
    • Increase/Decrease: 0%
  • Units Sold
    • July 2022: 6
    • July 2021: 12
    • Increase/Decrease: -50%
  • Average Sales Price
    • July 2022: $261,333
    • July 2021: $212,383
    • Increase/Decrease: +23%
  • Total Sales Volume
    • July 2022: $1,570,000
    • July 2021: $2,550,000
    • Increase/Decrease: -38.4%

Columbus County

  • New Listings
    • July 2022: 44
    • July 2021: 28
    • Increase/Decrease: +57.1%
  • Units Sold
    • July 2022: 32
    • July 2021: 21
    • Increase/Decrease: +52.4%
  • Average Sales Price
    • July 2022: $192,787
    • July 2021: $212,732
    • Increase/Decrease: -9.4%
  • Total Sales Volume
    • July 2022: $6,170,000
    • July 2021: $4,480,000
    • Increase/Decrease: +37.7%

Robeson County

  • New Listings
    • July 2022: 4
    • July 2021: 5
    • Increase/Decrease: -20%
  • Units Sold
    • July 2022: 5
    • July 2021: 5
    • Increase/Decrease: 0%
  • Average Sales Price
    • July 2022: $107,700
    • July 2021: $183,360
    • Increase/Decrease: -41.3%
  • Total Sales Volume
    • July 2022: $538,500
    • July 2021: $916,800
    • Increase/Decrease: -41.3%

The Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® (BCAR) is the local association level of the largest trade association in the nation, presently serving its members, which are comprised of REALTORS®, Appraisers, and Affiliate Members. For more information, please visit


Moving in is exciting, but don't rush in! Here are the most common mistakes you want to avoid.

Moving always brings its fair share of challenges, but if you plan ahead and do your homework, you might be surprised by how smoothly the whole process can go. As always, our real estate agents are here to help.

Some of the most common and potentially disastrous moving mistakes are the ones that are made on move-in day. If you've already found the perfect Southport home for sale and are getting ready to move into your new home, these are the biggest mistakes to avoid:

  • Procrastinating
    If you're the type who always waited until the night before a test to start studying, take note. Moving is not fun if you wait until the last minute! By the time you get to moving day, everything should already be boxed, packed, and ready to go. If you've rented a moving van or truck, it's also a good idea to get as much stuff as possible loaded up the day before the actual move.

    Ditching All Your Furniture
    We understand the appeal of moving into a new home and making it a fresh start. But while it can be tempting to kick all your old furniture to the curb and start fresh, you might want to hang onto a few things. Even if you have to rent a larger vehicle or pay your movers more, you'll still save some money. You might also be surprised how a new space breathes life into some of your old furnishings.

  • Not Matching Furnishings to Architecture
    Of course, if you're moving into a new home that has a radically different architectural style than your old one, not all of your furniture will fit in. Matching decor to architecture is an important way to make your space feel natural and balanced. If, for example, you're moving into a breezy beach house in Southport, you might find that sleek, modernist furniture clashes with the whole vibe.

  • Forgetting to Make Arrangements for Pets
    Moving is stressful for humans, so just think of how your four-legged friends must feel! It's always a good idea to make arrangements for your pets on moving day, like boarding them of having them temporarily stay with a relative while you get settled. That way, they'll be less stressed and won't get underfoot while you're moving in. When you're ready for your pets to join you, make sure their favorite toys and blankets are out and ready!

  • Not Packing a 'Day One' Box
    Pack a separate box with all the essentials you'll need on your first day in your new home, and take it in the car with you. Its precise contents will be different for everyone, but be sure to include basic toiletries, washcloths and towels, electronics and chargers, a few snacks, and a change of clothes for everyone. You don't want to have to wait for the movers to arrive just so you can brush your teeth or take a shower.

  • Not Checking the Weather
    You can't control the weather, but you can plan for it. Do your best to plan your move on a sunny day, but check the forecast religiously as you approach the big day, just in case the weather changes. If rain threatens, take precautions to keep everything from getting soaked as you move (trash bags, tarps, and towels are your best friends)!

Contact us today for more information on moving into your new home in Southport, NC. And if you're still on the hunt for that perfect home to call your own, our real estate agents are here to help every step of the way.


An organic lawn doesn't have to be out of reach. Here's how you can have healthy, eco-friendly landscaping.

Having a lawn with the space to entertain or for the kids to play is one of the many advantages of being a homeowner. Traditionally, maintaining an attractive lawn has meant using chemical-laden fertilizers, weed killers, and other products, but more homeowners are recognizing the benefits of having an organic lawn. In addition to being better for the environment, organic lawns are healthier and reduce your family's exposure to toxic chemicals. Although you'll need to take some time and effort in the beginning to help transition your lawn to organic, you'll be rewarded with a healthier place for your family to relax and play.

Our real estate agents suggest the following steps to make the move to an organic lawn:

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An outdoor picnic is a perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. Here is where you'll find the best spots around Southport.

With the warm summer temperatures and bright sunny days, the month of July is an excellent choice for National Picnic Month. It's a fantastic time to pack a basket full of food and beverages while you enjoy the lovely summer weather.

Southport is home to numerous locations that make a terrific spot for your next picnic. Our real estate agents suggest checking out these scenic picnic spots. 

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