Email Post to a Friend: Everything You Need To Know About Interior Designers

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Interior designers can help you transform your home. Here's what you should know about them.

If you're struggling to put together stylish, inviting home decor that showcases your personality and suits your family's needs, our real estate agents know that an interior designer can help. Interior designers work to create functional, aesthetically-pleasing spaces that fit your budget. Here's what you should know about utilizing an interior designer.

It's Important to Find an Interior Designer with Experience Handling Similar Projects

When considering potential interior designers, you want to use an individual who has experience and training designing homes or spaces that are similar to your own project.

For example, if you have a historic home and want to furnish and decorate it using historic themes and authentic furniture, you need an interior designer with experience handling these kinds of jobs.

Not only will an experienced interior designer know how to best style your space, but they know where to find and purchase furniture and decorative pieces that suit your budget.

The Cost Depends on Several Factors

The cost of hiring an interior designer depends on multiple factors, such as the square footage of your home or room, the interior designer's experience, and the scope of the project.

Most interior designers charge a flat fee for your project that doesn't include the cost of furnishings and decor. This fee is based on the number of hours they anticipate spending on your home.

Senior interior designers charge a higher hourly rate than junior interior designers. Some interior designers also mark up the price of the furniture or decor that they use in your home to offset cover the time and transportation costs that they incur acquiring the items.

When meeting with a potential designer, it's best to have an idea of what you're hoping to accomplish by changing your home. This will help the designer understand the complexity of your project so that they can provide you with an accurate quote.

Interior Designers Typically Can't Complete Structural Changes to Your Home

Interior designers focus on using materials, fabrics, and furnishings to create a space that's inviting and functional; they aren't architects and are unable to make structural changes to your home.

However, an interior designer can work with an architect if you're interested in adding an expansion to your home or making structural changes before adding your property to the inventory of Southport homes for sale.

Your interior designer can suggest changes or ideas for your home, while an architect will confirm that these plans are structurally sound and compatible with your home's existing construction.

For large-scale projects, it's common for an architect and interior designer to work together. An interior designer will make sure that space is being used properly and make aesthetic suggestions, while an architect will handle the work required for any structural changes.

There is a specific kind of designer known as a design architect who has the credentials and training to complete both the interior design and architectural work for a home. You can expect to pay a higher fee when working with a design architect.

If you want to revitalize your home or ensure that your decor is functional and trendy, an interior designer can help you accomplish your goals. Interested in listing your home for sale? Contact us to get started!