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Don't let your landscaping ruin your home's curb appeal. Here are the most common mistakes you can avoid.

When you arrive at a home, one of the first details you notice is the landscaping. Understandably, most homeowners spend a lot of time and money improving their home's landscaping.

Unfortunately, a couple of small mistakes can quickly derail your landscaping plans. Our real estate agents suggest avoiding these common landscaping mistakes to keep your home's exterior looking its best.

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Open House Checklist

It all leads up to this — the open house. All of your hard work in and around your home is now ready to be showcased for prospective buyers. Getting to the open house stage is no easy feat, and you should feel excitement mixed with pride as you prepare to entertain the buyer's offers. Before you open the doors to your home, you want to make sure you're all squared away. To give you a helping hand, our real estate agents created the ultimate open house checklist to prepare you and your home.

  • Hire a cleaning service. These professionals will make your home look and smell fresh. Consider scheduling them the day before the viewing and once a week until you're under contract.

  • Hire a lawn care service. Another group of dedicated professionals, these talented landscapers will optimize your curb appeal. Consider having them make weekly or biweekly visits.

  • Clean your driveway, sidewalk, and curb. Unfortunately, trash or debris on the sidewalk and street are out of your control, but you should try to keep an eye out for these items the morning before the viewing. Be sure to sweep your driveway, walkway, and porch as well.

  • Remove personal belongings. Any objects in your home that are individualized should be removed. This includes photographs, souvenirs, memorabilia, or other furnishings viewed as intimate or personal.

  • Lockup or remove valuables. Anything that "has legs" should be kept out of view. This includes jewelry, important personal documents, money, or other valuable trinkets that are not decoration.

  • Consider renting a temporary storage space. You may want to remove the majority of your possessions before the showing to make room for staging materials. If you're selling before purchasing your next home, renting a storage unit will help you keep everything organized.

  • Choose an appropriate time for your open house. You want your open house to be a success, but the wrong day or time could prevent that from happening. Sunday afternoons are typically the best time. Avoid major holidays if possible.

  • Advertise effectively. To get the best turnout, you need to rely on more than street traffic. Open house signs in the yard or around the neighborhood are effective, but you also need to use other resources. Social media and email marketing are exceptional, especially since you can track their analytics. You may also consider putting ads in a local newspaper. 

  • Create a brochure. Give your visitors something to take home in the form of an informative brochure. Highlight the best features of the home and include high-resolution photographs.

  • Stage the space professionally. Staging companies will transform your home into a space that feels inviting and livable to a wide audience of buyers.  

  • Offer snacks and beverages. Create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with refreshments. This will make the event seem more sociable for guests.

  • Don't hover or follow guests around. If possible, avoid participating in the open house. Your real estate agent will provide your guests with all of the information they need.

  • Encourage them to sign in and follow up on their visit. Feedback from your guests will help you either engage interested buyers or discover why they aren't interested in the features of your home.

Would you like to learn more helpful tips on listing and showing Southport homes for sale? Contact us today!


Painting to Sell-Margaret Rudd & Associates

The marine beauty of coastal towns in North Carolina makes the ideal backdrop for a calm and happy life. Use the unique natural charms of the Southport, NC landscape to sell your home more quickly.

One way to make your seaside home stand out is by choosing the perfect color to complement the seaside terrain. Our REALTORS® at Margaret Rudd and Associates use these secrets when finding just the right hue when placing a Southport home for sale.

  • Harness the Power of Optical Illusion

    Seeing isn't always believing. Different colors absorb varying amounts of light. The brain interprets the presence of light with a sense of space. For that reason, it's possible to use color to change the way potential buyers perceive your property.

    Lighter colors are the best for making small spaces feel roomy. White paint reflects the most light. However, all-white walls can be off-putting. Shades of all colors mixed with white is a great way to incorporate personality and still take advantage of optical illusion.

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Staging Tips Sell Home Holidays
When you're selling your home, staging is critical. A potential buyer must be able to envision your current home as their future home. This can be especially challenging during the holidays.

You should feel free to decorate. After all, it's your home until you sell it. But before you plug in your dancing Santa, consider your decorations with an open mind and a critical eye. Share your holiday spirit but don't send potential buyers running by overdoing your holiday decorating.  

Our REALTORS® understand it's difficult to strike a balance that showcases your home's best qualities while sharing your holiday style. We want to help you through the process with these 6 staging tips for selling your home during the holidays.

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